Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Gone to Nashville

Our hearts went out to Ben when his mother Joy died while we were in Europe. A difficult and sad time for all, especially Ben and Helen. James and I had offered to come and help out for a week.

We had planned to drive on Friday July 14. Sarah said we could help them very much if we could drop off Caleb in Pulaski. He wanted to spend the weekend with his other grandparents. They live so close to the highway we travel on that it made a lot of sense. We picked him up on Thursday to spend the night. He was so excited. 

He is an early riser anyway so we were on the road in good time. He was a lot of entertainment for those first 3 1/2 hours. 

William was still on school break so was very happy to spend time with us. He spen tevery night with us until Thursday. 

Here just a collection of what we did ... including baking a cake for Auntie Kim's birthday we all were invited too. 

(Sushi making)

William begged Kim to wear her dinosaur costume. 

Kim is an expert selfie taker. 

It was too hot to go to playgrounds or botanical gardens. So Wednesday I took him to the children's museum in Murfreesboro. It was a big success. 

I wasn't very good taking photos this week. Too busy playing etc. 

Thursday before lunch Ben picked him up for father-son-time like fishing etc. Needless to say William had had a wonderful time with his dad. They and Helen came by in the evening to say good-bye. 

Friday July 21 we were on our way back to Virginia again. I had packed a picnic (leftovers). Not our best ever but perfectly ok. 

My sweet husband did a lot of the driving because I just didn't feel top-fit (caught up with some of the twins' virus). And he even asked whether I wanted to stop at any Row-by-Row shops along the way. 

So in Fairfield we did make a short stop. I love that old log cabin = former old post office. 

See the dark sky in the above photo? Because of the stop it caught up with us. But luckily it wasn't too bad. Home sweet home at 5 pm. 

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  1. You two are indefatigable. I am in awe. And humbled.