Thursday, March 31, 2011

William's busy week

Monday: Grandpa, Omi, Mommy Helen went shopping. William had to come along.

Was it Tuesday when William had to eat lunch at a Panera place? He sat happily in his stroller enjoying pieces of sweet potato.

On Wednesday we noticed that it had rained so much that we could see ducks swimming from our back porch. That water is usually not there.

 But William came over anyway to play with Grandpa and Omi.

He really can sit now all by himself.

He learned very quickly that he can open and close the blue thing on his new toy.

What is more fun than playing peek-a-poo? See how the legs are going.

William loves avocado. His doctor said it is good for him.

In the evening we all met at Logan's for dinner. Mommy had brought the cover for the restaurant's highchair which Aunt Sarah had bought for William.

And then William had to try out the new car seat because it had to be adjusted. In ... and out ... and in ... and out. The patience a baby has to have.


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