Saturday, June 18, 2011

28 days to go!

28 days, she cried! Not enough time! I was so surprised but yes, Sarah would like a handmade lace garter for her wedding day. I should have asked and started when they got engaged.

Oh, boy, I hope I have enough time. 11 repeats as of Friday.  And how many do we need? Don't count too often or you get into a panic.
And this is what happens if you don't pre-prick the pattern. Christa, it's called a pricking!!! If you don't prick the wholes, the pins can get bend easily and ... your right index finger really hurts after a while.

O.k. I am once around the roller and all the holes are made now. Sigh.
What ... ? This picture is for my Colonial Lacemakers friends. I will explain in August. My HLG (Heartland Lace Guild) friend Lise asked on FaceBook "what lace are you working on?" Well, I did this while in Germany and on the planes.

Getting ready for the wedding?

This is a BEFORE picture. James was not comfortable in these chairs since we moved. In Kentucky they were used at a proper table.
AFTER picture (since yesterday!). Sometimes it takes a while to find the right thing. Now this is comfy!

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