Wednesday, June 8, 2011

More about Germany

Got to have your traditions! One of the things Maren and I enjoy when I am visiting is these ...-kuesse (kisses). We called them by a name which is not politically correct any longer. But they are sooooooo good. Similar to marshmallows inside but MUCH better ... softer ... smoother.

I splurged and went brand-name. Double as expensive. But if you only get them once in a year ...

 Like with Oreo cookies there are different ways to eat these.
I like to eat the bottom first and leave the best for last. It has a tendency to melt on your fingers though and you have to lick them.
Oh yes.

Ute likes to start at the top and eat the bottom last. My sister and I are very different in many ways. She is a brunette and I was blond for one thing.

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  1. I remember those!!! I love them! I think Maren needs to bring me one back from Germany when she comes!