Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Strange but good!

What a strange day today. I was supposed to fly home today but James had postponed it till Monday for me so I could be a few more days with mother - - but then I didn't get to see her today.

Two days ago was a very hot day. Yesterday it was cold and rainy all day and I felt chilly most of the time. Just in case I made a stop at a pharmacy to get some zinc tablets - - and took one. This morning I woke up not feeling 100% and decided I could not go to mother like that in case I was fighting something. I thought I might be getting a cold and would not forgive myself if I carried some germs to her.

I decided to take another zinc and that I needed a walk. So I was taking care of some things on foot. Sorting out something at the bank, getting a birthday card and something for William etc. The walk felt great. So I went again in the afternoon. The post office was closed (Wednesday afternoon - - very German). But I knew a short cut back through a (rough) little park and some houses.

In the ditch next to the walkway were wild irises.
And the blackberries were blooming. See the bee?
And big clover. Edible flowers, nice in salads (so says my sister).
Hey, I was lucky here. Smelled the dog poop before I stepped into it.
A hedge of more blackberries and wild roses between the houses.
The air was a bit brisk but it was sunny and so, so lovely.
And this in somebody's front yard.

We are in Germany, right?

Ute and Maren saw mother today and she was very much the same, sleeping most of the time. Hadn't really missed me.

I must say that I feel totally fine now. Those two walks did wonders. A forced reprieve. Divine intervention?  Ready for tomorrow!

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