Sunday, June 26, 2011

Oh, Crab!

No, not a spelling error. Definitely not 'crap'. We had an awesome time. Wade's Uncle Jon and wife Carolyn had invited us to a "Crabs, Corn Hole & Cold Brews" party Saturday evening ... another pre-wedding celebration. The location was their weekend place near the River past Yorktown. The young people were encouraged to BYOT (bring your own tent to camp out overnight!) and the older generation (us and Wade's parents) were offered the guestrooms in the house.

It's a lovely place and a lot of property. At our arrival at 5:30 pm some of the tents behind the house had already been put up. 

Photo from the same spot in the other direction. Jon and Carolyn thought of everything including a shade tent, a keg of beer, and a porta-potty (on the very left under the tree) ...

... and fresh flowers in it.

The "boys" were clay pigeon shooting when we arrived.
Jon was working hard ... here piling oysters onto the hot coals ...

... and filling the pot with the crabs, freshly caught that morning.

Seasoning between layers of crabs. Steamed with beer.
The first batch ready and heaped on the newspaper on the table.
Sarah and her soon-to-be-mother-in-law Kathy tackling the first crabs and oysters.

Our hosts Carolyn and Jon, who worked so hard and made it look so easy. THANK YOU for a wonderful time. 
Looking at my pictures I decided that I had too good of a time and didn't do a good job taking them. I didn't really capture 'the moments'.
But it was fun standing at the tables and getting really messy cracking the crabs. I had to learn how to get to the delicious meat.
The neighbor was so nice to open the oysters for me. All I had to do is to enjoy them. Some were more cooked then others. Interesting.
I was also told what this is. I have lived a sheltered life.
Corinne and Sarah knew what to do with a Jell-o-shooter.
And there were games. Here: the corn hole.
Wade's sister Kate had brought a gift for them. 
Each bottle had a poem telling them when they should enjoy it. Katie read them and they were so sweet ... and funny ... it brought tears to our eyes.
The weather had been perfect ...
... and after the eating and playing there was also talking around the bonfire.
 Wade, Sarah and Katie.
The hosts finally relaxing too. Sarah on the left talking to Carolyn, Kathy (Wade's mom), Jon, Mike (Wade's dad).
And on the other side the younger generation talking way after we went to bed.

Breakfast the next morning under the old pine tree next to the kitchen door.
And when we left for home we had to make a quick stop to look at the river, which is actually in walking distance to their house.


  1. I love your pictures and think you did a great job capturing the fun!!

    Thank you so much for coming- it was really so much fun.

    Now, it's almost time for the REAL party!! Yippee!!