Friday, June 24, 2011

Counting !

12 days until Helen and William arrive! Yeah!!!

15 days until my sister Ute and my niece Maren arrive from Germany!

17 days until three more lovely people (friends) from Germany arrive!

20 days until Jane, Kate, David and Jimmo arrive from England!

21 days to the rehearsal dinner and a lot of people arrive!

22 days to the wedding day!

We are quite busy! Helen tells us how much William has grown. James and I decided it was time to upgrade the sleeping arrangements for him. We bought a crib and Grandpa was busy putting it together. I am trying to bake things I can put in the freezer for our house guests. But it kills me that I have to be quiet about a good  number of the wedding preparations.

And today - - finally! -- THE dress arrived. Considering that it was ordered in January it is not a surprise that we started to get nervous about it.

So today was the first fitting! Behind the curtain of course.
And back to working on the garter. I very much enjoy it. Very often I can sit outside under the awning.  The bride's leg got measured. 22 repeats will take care of the circumference. So I guess anywhere from 33 to 38 repeats will do it. As of right now I have made 29 and a half. Yeah!

The question was asked: What is it with the binoculars on the table?

Have to take a closer look at the hummingbirds. Can you see it?

Cropped the picture!

Cropped it more! I am very happy with my camera, but it is not the right one for pictures like this. Still, good enough for my memory.

Got to get up from lacemaking and stretch once in a while .. and look.

 The Spicebush Swallowtail's underside.

What in the world is this? It flies like a hummingbird and behaves like it too. But it seems to be a bug.

And there are the cardinals, the wrens, the squirrels. If I only didn't have to worry about my mother. I hope my sister gets to come so I can spoil her just a bit. I try not to worry about that too.

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  1. Lovely garden, lovely lace! I know this took place 2 1/2 years ago, but I'm excited to see the build up to the wedding!