Saturday, October 1, 2011

Autumn starts off busy

Yes, it has been a busy week. It makes me happy when I feel I am accomplishing something.

Tuesday and Thursday I had two of my three golf lessons I have signed up for. I decided it is time to take it more seriously. I really would like to play well enough so I can count, record and don't have to be embarrassed.  If you want to play in Germany you HAVE TO HAVE a handicap. They take that very seriously there. James and I like to play together. I have walked with him in different countries but they don't allow you everywhere.

I like the golf pro Leighann very much. She gives me homework. I practice 'flipping tees' in the back yard. I can feel that it helps.

Worked a lot on Chrismons this week. Here are 3 of the 7 angels I made. Somebody wanted some from my 'charity shop' as gifts.

James had made an appointment to see his eye doctor at 8 am on Wednesday morning. Wow, that was early.
He needed a driver for afterwards (the dilating!). He was told it would take two hours and I thought instead of sitting there waiting I will take care of something.

Unfortunately the Tourist Center at the Capitol doesn't open til 9 am. So I just walked around and enjoyed it very much.

It was a glorious morning.

The sound of the birds.
The sound of the traffic.
People watching:
ladies heading for the office in business suits and sneakers.
Lovely old buildings. Lovely old trees. What they have witnessed?

The Bell Tower, home of the Tourist office.

Completed in 1825, the Bell Tower replaced an earlier wooden structure and served as a guardhouse for the Virginia Public Guard. The bell was rung hourly and as an alarm for fire, military attack, and other emergencies. Since 1934, it has been rung to call the Virginia General Assembly into session, and it announces special commemorations.

I stood right there at the bottom of the steps and took out my knitting (for William). The steps were too wet to sit on. So I had to do it standing ... for 40 minutes. The good news: I accomplished what I had come for and went to pick up James again.

Today, Saturday, lovely Autumn day. Took care of a lot of things.

Went to Sarah's to give Edy some attention.

Needy Edy !

Living up to her nickname. More, more ...
And here comes the funny part. It's Saturday evening, we turned the TV on and the game VA Tech - Clemson had just started. Well, that's were Sarah and Wade are. When the camera started panning the stadium I texted her: "Wave to us. We are watching" She texted the picture on the left back. May be I am simple, but I think that is super.

O.K. what else?
Bought the fabric for the back of William's quilt. Pleased with that.
Since there was such a good sale, had to buy more for the 'stash'.
Didn't win the Block Lotto.
Bought plums (package said prunes, Zwetschgen in German) and put them in the freezer ... for crumble. Aahh, mmhh.
Went to the church and printed the quarterly statements. Now I have to fold them and stuff the envelopes. Get to it, Christa!


  1. Love Edy....she is the BEST cat!!

    And, love the texted wave- they take the best self portraits & are so photogenic.


  2. Yes, Edy is ... except for my 'late' Felix. She was so good too. Oh, long time ago.