Saturday, October 15, 2011

Getting ready for ... and arriving in Nashville

The day after James' birthday I had to bring him to the airport very early. Gone to China for some business. And then I had a week to work on my to-do-list ...

... finding what I am supposed to bring to the lace workshop at the Heartland Lace Guild Retreat at Kentucky Lake ... check!

... tying loose ends concerning volunteer work for the church ... check!

... making these noodle bites when my friend Julie came for tomato pie and movie evening ... check! (saw on FB and thought she would like them to make for her grandchildren sometime / they looked better floating in the water)
 ... make at least one block for the October Block Lotto ...
 ... check!
 ... shop to find material for the backing of William's quilt ...

... layer and quilt William's quilt ... check!
Had to built a tower on the right to make it work. Machine quilting is not my strong point.


I found that "Machingers" quilters gloves work wonders.

... carrying together what needs to be taken on the trips ... check! (took all week)

The drive (about 9 hours +/-) started out in the rain and fog but got better closer to Nashville.  The trees on the hills along I-81 were splashed with colors. So pretty. It would have been gorgeous with a little bit of sun.
Helen and William visited soon after I arrived. But since I was very tired (and William too) they didn't stay so long.

 William still lets his Omi give him a hug.

So tired.

Helen wanted to see the quilt. This is the back ... and here is grandpa at the moment, in China.

Still have to finish the edge.

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