Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Kissing Pillows

One of my lacemaking friends in Williamsburg, VA is Janet. Besides being a very good lacemaker she is also a very accomplished embroiderer. Several months ago she told me about a project named "kissing pillows".

Tausends of these little 4x4 pillows are being hand stitched by people who care about the soldiers who are deployed into harms way and their loved ones left behind. Google 'kissing pillows' and you can find out more about it.
When I heard that Bonnie can't come to the HLG retreat after all because the family is saying good-bye to her nephew/godson who is leaving for a second tour in Afghanistan, I stitched as fast as I could. Today (Tuesday) I mailed the pillows  to Missouri. I would have liked to make 6 but ran out of red thread (besides time) and there was no shop close enough to get more in time.
Now, keep your fingers crossed that FedEx delivers on Thursday as promised.

Of course minding William is still first priority. Helen is doing her student teaching now.
William and Omi have a fine time together. He is exploring.

If you want to see him in action, here are some short videos:

The flour container was rescued earlier,
I probably should explain that this was my "baking center" until William lost his balance and the flour went all over the place. Now, that would have been a picture!

The empty water jug.

The full water jug.

Yes, Omi should have put her computer case away.
Sunday we played so hard that he was asleep in his chair before the milk was warmed. Omi was surprised when she turned around.
 And I thought he was wearing me out, haha.
Oh, yes, William and Helen came to church with me. Wow, it was a long service. The Bishop was there for baptism and confirmation (this is afterwards).

Episcopalians truly know how to feast. But since none of this was on William's menu we headed home. 

Monday William was very happy. His grandpa is back from China.

Today his Mommy has dressed him a little for the season. Boo!

Helen says that the ghost is supposed to glow in the dark. So we had to check it out in the bathroom. The camera is too good though and compensates for the missing light. It was way more impressive.
When Helen is done with her teaching preparations we meet for supper at our favorite Mexican restaurant close by. 

Big boy is now drinking with a straw.

And how big is William? Sooooooo big!

Now I have to wind my bobbins for the lace workshop. Don't want to get in trouble with my teacher (friend) Lise.

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