Saturday, October 15, 2011

No cold feet

Remember the socks I was knitting in my October blog "Autumn starts off busy" standing in front of the Tourist Center (waiting for it to open)?

 Well, they are done. Since William is outgrowing socks faster then I can knit them, I decided to knit tube socks ... no heels. He can wear them turned over a little ...
 ... or knee high. Helen is excited and exclaimed they were the best ones I had done yet.

Saturday. Helen volunteered to help with the READing Paws table at the "adopt a pet fair". I went along. It was quite an impressive event. Several rows of stands. Probably hundreds of animals. Many friendly people. Free lunch.

William and I circled around and around. Here we met Biscuit the dog.
 Biscuit and Mittens came to the READing Paws table later.

William was not afraid at all. Rather the opposite.

For a while he helped his Mom folding flyers.
Helen has been involved with this program for several years. I am so proud of her (and her dog Silvi) because she has changed a lot of children's lives for the better this way.

And more Biscuit visit. They are actually children books caracters.

When we left (before it was totally over) 69 dogs and 10 cats had been adopted.


  1. I love those socks! And those fat little legs!!! That is a great program - good for Helen!