Friday, October 7, 2011

Good things

The sun was shining most of the week, even if the air was a  bit crispier. It's Autumn after all. I had my third golf lesson and felt improved.

On Tuesday James and I played a round of golf at "The Belmont". I gave up counting pretty soon. Realized ... not there yet. But the 13th hole was a success. 5 !
My hole! 5 felt like a hole-in-one to me! Can't talk about the other 17 holes though, haha.
The weather is still so nice that we can sit outside on the back porch. We even had to drive the awning out. Tea time with a treat from the freezer. I like mine still frozen, James not. So he put the treat half in the sun, half in the shade. Easy! Cranberry bars and choco pumpkin cake.
The lady in the white pharmacist coat on the right ... that's Sarah. The Walgreens Wellness Bus came to the pharmacy were she is manager now. She suggested I take advantage of the free health check. A very good thing and I am impressed.
James' birthday dinner has to be a day early. It's the only evening when Sarah does not have to work this week. I was wavering between cooking and going out. Texas de Brazil won at the end. All four of us feel like we should live vegetarian now for at least 10 days.

The traditional Brazilien caipirinha hopefully helped with the digestion. Almost as good as the ones James and I learned to make since we were in Brazil.

To your health, James!
Good service and a very nice evening.

October the 6th ! Anniversary of the day my dear husband was born. Happy Birthday, James!

I had to get going early though because it was also the day this year my lacemaking group was supposed to demonstrate lacemaking at the Virginia State Fair.

We had a good show of demonstrators. From the left: Gretchen, Mary, Lali, my empty chair, and Birgitte.
Also Gail and Janet opposite.
 And Carolyn explaining at the table.

It was very satisfying because many people were interested to see what we were doing. One comment: "This was the most interesting thing I saw today". Another comment: "If I don't see anything else today, this alone was worth coming for".
 I had decided to demonstrate with my German lacepillow, German bobbins, pins and pattern and ... in my mother's German dress, called a dirndl. Mother had sewn it herself from very exquisite fabric. She had asked me to tat the lace for it. She wore it on Helen's wedding day ... and looked much better in it than I. Oh, well ...

Lali is from Barcelona. This is her Spanish lacepillow with Spanish bobbins.
Saw this sign when I went outside for lunch.
 And of course we had a chance to look at the things on display. This quilt had kaleidoscope stars. I know how to do kaleidoscope hexagones but stars?
I am intrigued. I might have to google to find out how to do these. Or does anybody know?

October 6th ! Another important anniversary: 1975 I arrived in the USA. 36 blissful years.


  1. Happy Belated Birthday James!!

    (and Happy Anniversary to you Christa!)

  2. Thank you, Carolyn. I think he has another celebration coming when we are with Helen.