Thursday, February 7, 2013

Costa Rica Day 1

Wednesday February 6

The alarm clock rung early today. Helen is at the townhouse at 8 am and William is shuffled from his car seat in her car to our car seat. Suit cases are already in our car and she brings us to the airport. Our trip to Costa Rica starts. Check in and security goes very fast and we even have a little time for a cuppa-tea in the lounge.

Reports come from Helen that William is very upset that we (mainly grandpa) are gone. He doesn't want to be transferred back into his car seat. I almost can't look at the picture.
After crying for more then an hour Helen finds the solution and treats him to an ice cream.
We had mixed feelings about all that ... about William missing us ... that we can be replaced by an ice cream? 

We are boarding the plane in Nashville. James sees the mail box at the end of the jet way. Is the postal service really delivering there?

Ready for take off.
Yup, I am ready. Starting my "travel tatting".
Take off is quite interesting. There is the road we drive often from the townhouse along Percy Priest Lake.

Percy Priest Lake and somewhere there is the townhouse.

It was a good flight and I actually almost finished one tatted ornament.
 Miami, we are closer to warmer weather.
The pieces of art were interesting but (in my opinion) not very well displayed.

Take off in Miami was nice too. The weather was perfect. I watched for quite a while the keys going past underneath us. So interesting.
And off in the next plane. We were lucky and were upgraded to business class. While we listened to the announcement that you could buy a sandwich for $10 and beer for $6 etc etc we enjoyed things like a delicious salad with a choice of bread and wine or whatever.

A good start of our vacation.

Costa Rica in sight. Lovely mountains.

HERE some information about Costa Rica if you would like it.

Everything went very satisfactorily. Immigration, Customs, met by the hotel bus, checking in. Here the first view out of our hotel window.
Our hotel is the TRYP Sabana

We settled in and then went for a short walk around the hotel. We were not hungry so just had bocas (tapas) and beer at the hotel bar.

The server called it chips. We thought that we detected three kinds: potato, plantain and corn.

And the view before going to bed.

The major announcement of the day ... (drum roll!!!) ... James is now a blogger too.  He is practicing for his coming up big adventure (more about that later) and you can read his impressions here:

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Official OAT Itinerary: 
Day 1
Upon our arrival in Costa Rica today, our local OAT representative meets us at the airport and accompanies us to our hotel, where we meet our Trip Leader and fellow travelers. The evening is free to relax or explore on our own.

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