Monday, February 18, 2013

Costa Rica Day 10

Friday February 15

Passing the horsies again on our way from breakfast to the rooms. Somebody else's turn today. We were told that there are 400 and no horse has to walk the trail more than once a day.

On this corner I also saw a white-throated magpie-jay really close. I don't think I will ever become a serious bird-watcher, but it is a lot of fun seeing all these gorgeous creatures.
We have found a short cut by now to the room. Here we can see the back of it. Say good-bye. We are moving on.
And off we are  but we stop when Nestor (or Zorro) sees a cashew tree. The seed is actually on the outside of the fruit. Nestor tells us that the nut part needs to be roasted because its encasing is poisonous. The fruit (when ripe) is eatable.

The owner of the house sits in front because she is selling watermelons. Nestor asks whether we may sample one of the cashew fruits.
Its still not quite ripe and nobody is impressed.
The stop for lunch. Look at the pillars.

Nestor told us about this area where Quakers had settled long ago and this restaurant actually belonged to them.
 The milk shakes are famous here.

We see German words like 'Bratwurst' and 'Leberkaese'.
Close to our hotel, some of us go on the optional tour with the outrigger. Another adventure for me.
We see hundreds of brown pelicans.

 We were eight and had to paddle on command.
 We come to a secluded beach.
The swimming is very nice. This is the Pacific but sooooooo warm.
We have time to wander around.

 We are offered a snack of fruit on the upside-down kayak.

 Almond tree.
 More pelicans, frigate birds and other lovely things.
 Lots of crabs.
But they are shy and don't let me come too close.

On the way back ... between my camera and my iphone to take pictures I had opted for the camera (which would be the lesser loss even if it would be terrible) and its battery ran out. There would have been more lovely pictures to be taken.

Then the bus picks us up and we are off to the hotel to meet the others for dinner.

* * * * *
The official OAT itinerary of today:

Day 10

In the morning, we head south to the Pacific coast and the province of Puntarenas, stopping en route for lunch on our own in Puntarenas town.

After we arrive at our hotel, you can choose to take an optional tour to Agujas Beach, a beautiful protected cove, to board an outrigger canoe and paddle to Limoncito Beach, where we'll enjoy a snack and time to stroll the  beach before returning to the hotel.

Otherwise, enjoy a free afternoon to enjoy the hotel’s comfortable amenities, explore on your own, or relax on beautiful Esterillos Beach. We regroup this evening for an included dinner at our hotel. 

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