Monday, February 25, 2013

Costa Rica Day 15

Wednesday February 20

We woke up early because it was raining very hard on the roof. We were very happy that we had gone up to see the sunrise the morning before. Those intentions were nixed today.

Time to pack again. But since we were limited with the luggage it is easy to just put the few things into the backpack. 

Breakfast. The hard rain had let up and there were also plenty of umbrellas standing around to borrow.
At least this bug is not as large as the 'hercules'.  I didn't freak out and really enjoyed 'almost like camping'.
The other groups didn't seem to have gotten the 'luggage limit 25 lb memo' but it was piled high in some seats. James and I set in the first seats after that. Once in a while it rains a bit but since it is warm I don't mind getting some sprinkles on me. Somehow it is fitting for our last day.This was the first real rain we had seen on the whole trip.

Froggy is all excited about going on his trip to William now.
 The sign to the lodge. Bye-bye.
Back in the bus. First we drive along the banana plantations again and through a long ficus alley which was almost like a natural tunnel. Ficus are easy to grow here and are often used as a natural fence.

Love the country side.

The giant poro tree has beautiful orange blossoms.
A shame that the pictures don't really capture the beauty. 
And then we have to stop and all get out. The best sighting of sloth yet. Here one is in the middle and almost at the top of the picture.
We saw a whole group.
And then we have lunch in the same place we had the second breakfast when we were driving to Tortuguero.

There was time to have a good look in the butterfly house this time. There was a caretaker who knew how to handle them and showed a lot to us.
We were hoping we could see some come out of the cocoon but were not lucky.

Two morpho butterflies (bright blue on the upper side) taking care of procreation. 
I forgot into what this caterpillar turns. But he had a cute face.

Back in San Jose. We checked into our room, got our luggage out of storage and decided we needed a walk. We wanted to go to the supermarket but never found it. But seems we can't get away from Colonel Sanders. James is a Kentucky Colonel too.
We did find enough snack to buy in two places, a 24/7 and something like an Aldi. We really didn't feel like having dinner in a restaurant. We had an excellent room with a little kitchenette. Just perfect.

* * * * *
The official OAT itinerary of today:
Day 15 - post-trip day 3
Following breakfast this morning, we enjoy a leisurely canal boat ride to Cano Blanco. There we begin our overland transfer to San Jose, stopping en route for an included lunch in a local restaurant. We arrive in Costa Rica's capital this afternoon, and have the evening at leisure. Dinner is on your own tonight.


  1. Wow, awesome blog, I'm going to Costa Rica this Sunday, looking foward to it! The outfits help too!

    Vancouver, B.C.

    1. Are you going with OAT? We enjoyed our trip VERY much. We love small group travel. Wishing you a great experience too. Christa