Monday, February 4, 2013

Nashville Time

Every day is packed full with things to do. Luckily most days it involves Helen and William too. We want Helen to take advantage of us when we are there.

William likes oats with blueberries. The high chair doesn't work very well any more. Now he sits on a kitchen counter stool which works much better. Such a big boy now.

Well, it is winter but the weather is really not very nice. William loves play grounds. He likes to be active (thank goodness) and we wanted to do him a favor. So we ventured out. Not a success. We found that the slides (his favorite) had ice on them. Wet! He was so bitterly disappointed that Omi remembered the little blanket in the car which could serve as towel and Grandpa went back to get it. And he even found paper towels too.
But it was sooooo cold ... even with the hat borrowed from Omi. So after a few slides down we had to think what else we could offer as consolation.
Helen and I like to work on projects when I am there. William now likes to help. He had just been introduced to scissors at his school ... so here we go.
After a night of rain we were surprised when we saw in the morning the huge bird from the back glass door. A blue heron? So gorgeous! Can you see it smack in the middle of the picture in the creek?

Can you guess one of my projects? Working on a Chrismon. Have to write the directions how to make this one. Our friend, who makes all the Chrismons for the Children of Grace Church in Paducah, comes every January for the lesson of the new one. It is always a fun morning, working, visiting, talking. Papa Murphy's pizza for lunch.

Helen dressed William in a Christmas present. Isn't he cute?

William loves his Grandpa. He even says his name. No "Omi" yet.

Oh, that weather. It changes from from 70 to 27 up or down over night and often. Woke up to snow. Sigh.

William doesn't care. If Mommy drives, he will visit. Potato pancakes with homemade fresh applesauce.

When William takes his nap, Mommy can go into the guest/sewing room. Helen surprised me by sorting out her things before we arrived. Perfect timing since James and I decided after arrival that all the carpet in the house needed a major cleaning. We had to get things off the floors for Chem-Dry to do the job, so we piled everything up on the beds. It was fun afterwards to think how to set up the sewing room to make it more efficient. Helen and I both think it is a great improvement and well worth the time spent to do it.
William helped Helen to place the snake heads in the best direction. Helen had found the pattern on the internet and is doing a great job.
Look at those heads. Three with ssss-tounges.

The sewing room upstairs is also the diaper-changing room. William likes to go up and down the stairs and of course there are toys too. His favorite is Noah's Ark. A few days ago he discovered the window sill. All the animals have to go in pairs. Well, he had encouragement.

And look at this "designing wall". Helen is working on a sampler quilt making 4 blocks of every monthly BLOCK LOTTO pattern of 2012. She is almost done. I like her idea and it will be very interesting and colorful when finished.

These are 6 of 12 blocks which came in 12 big brown envelopes to Helen at Christmas and birthday time. I found a free BOM quilt pattern on the internet which I really liked and made "kits" as surprises. It was fun for me and I hope it is fun for Helen too. She kept telling me that we need quilts in the townhouse. 
Grandpa and William are reading a book on the ipad. 

And yes, we had a Super Bowl Party too. Helen, Ben, William, James and I had a good time. Lots of snack stuff. I forgot to take pictures though. Only remembered when William played peek-a-boo behind the curtains. But there is a video  here, proof that William likes spicy salsa.

William was not so interested in the football, so he had a nice long bath and went home in his PJs.

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