Thursday, December 12, 2013

After Thanksgiving

Advent time! Busy time. Between getting ready for Christmas, decorating the house, getting the gifts to put into the 24 advent sacks for the Wahl family and mailing them, there is of course the young Waller family (besides their advent sacks). Which new grandma doesn't jump if there is something she can do for the daughter and her little son.
I did forget to put a video into the last blog though: Caleb has hick-ups at 6 days old.

Nov 29. Caleb is 10 days old. Sarah wants to go to Kroger and would like me to go along. But first she has to get ready so I am holding Caleb. Edy is nosy.

Ha-ha, what does Caleb want to say? Your whiskers are tickling me? Get lost? Edy looks a little put out. But actually all three pets are very good and don't seem to mind the new addition to the family.

At Kroger. Where is Caleb? Omi pushed while Sarah runs around to get things.

Dec. 2 at Sarah's. We are all having a short break. I think we had brought lunch to Sarah. Omi is taking a selfie.

My view!

Omi had to run home but Grandpa stayed to go on a walk with Sarah and Caleb and of course Schatzi and Jimmy. Caleb loves walks.

Time to decorate our home. Nice to have a husband who very often doesn't need a ladder ... and doesn't mind helping.

Since we were rearranging some furniture anyway it was a good time to give the gifts from our children a good place.

1st Sunday of Advent at our church. The Chrismon tree. In the afternoon I lead a Chrismon workshop to make this year's big ornaments for the church tree (read about that here).

And then there was the CR (our community) Women's club Christmas party. Lunch with neighbor friends. This year's program was a sing-a-long (yes, video!)

Next day, December 5, Sarah came over and Caleb had his first diaper change on our bed, just like cousin William, ha-ha. Sarah had picked me up at 8 am (yes, that early) because she had heard that a stroller company every year has a warehouse sale. She had kept an eye out for it and this was the day. She had done a lot of research and knew what she wanted.

She was VERY successful and got exactly what she wanted for a super bargain. Omi went along to keep Caleb. It was quite an experience ... and only a few miles from our house.

We decided to try it out with a walk in our neighborhood. Halfway through it started raining and we took shelter on a front porch for a moment. We had to put some clothes into the dryer when we got back. What a shame. Caleb loves walks.

The stroller was very handy at lunch time though.

Awake again. Omi holding Caleb prisoner.

December 6 - it is so time for the Advent wreath. As always I get the branches from Home Depot where they trim the bottom branches off when they sell the trees ready for the stands. It was bitterly cold, even in the garage.

We have to cover up our camelia many nights not to loose the lovely flowers.

December 8 - Sarah and Wade have put their Christmas tree up too. It is a "real" one. Sitting and holding Caleb ... my view. Sarah and Wade had invited us for dinner.

Look what we found when we got back home. No fun being outside.


  1. I love your blogs Christa. So glad you're into documenting every moment like me. These babies will look back and love it! xoxo Merry Christmas

    1. I enjoyed yours too but I can't get to it anymore. At least I can see you all on FB.

  2. I love watching your Christmas preparations!