Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Only a few days left until Christmas. Helen, Ben and William have planned to arrive on Monday December 23. We have to do some food shopping but otherwise not much needs to be done. Sarah loves it though when we help her out once in a while. If we play with Caleb then she can take care of something else. Even changing the diapers is fun.

He loves to stretch and kick and wiggle. He is so strong. My goodness.
This was on Wednesday 18th ... Caleb's Grandma "Kaddies" birthday.
 I took this video for her.
And then I took one for William.

Sarah came to have lunch with us, and afterwards grandpa took him for a walk. It was only a short one though because the weather was so miserable.

The weather changed soon. On Thursday we drove with Sarah "over the river" to a big shop where James wanted to buy "stuff" for my birthday party with Sarah's help. I had to go along as Caleb's nanny. When we set foot in the door this was the first I saw! I hope I am not offending any of my blog readers ... but would somebody really buy something like this?

Then I saw the big C J = Caleb James.

When they were done with shopping Sarah took these photos.

And then the diaper change in the parking lot. Luckily we now have much better weather.

And look at my amaryllis, a gift from Sarah weeks ago. I so love amaryllis. They remind me so much of my father. He kept them from year to year and tried to make them bloom again. Most times he was very successful.
These seem to be new though. Double blooming. He would have had a lot of fun with these.

Oh goodness. Time run away with me. It is Christmas and the Nashvillers are here. Wonderful times!!! But that is another blog.

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