Friday, December 27, 2013


Sunday (12-22) William was very excited when they drove to Nashville Airport because he wanted to go to Omi's house in an airplane in the air high and fast but then he was very disappointed when they were only getting a rental car. He did like though that they drove half way and stayed in a hotel with a pool and he could go swimming.
They arrived Monday afternoon and yes, Fl├Ądlesuppe was on the menu (see earlier blog)
December 24th
We played with the train tracks. Since William loves his train set so much and we now have two little boys in the family, Omi and Grandpa decided it would make sense to have some tracks in our house. Huge success. What we bought came with 2 engines "Brewster" and "Old Puffer Pete" but I had alerted Helen and they had brought a couple of his.
When he saw me taking a picture he said "cheese". Funny.

While he was playing downstairs, his Mama was wrapping up upstairs.

And then Sarah, Wade and Caleb arrived.

We were sitting around in the living room talking and laughing and playing when a UPS man came to the door.

Wade's parents had sent this Danish Kringle to us and we decided right then that it was time for "Elevensies". James asked "Where is the extra large round plate? I can only find the oblong ones." We searched and it took a while but finally I found it.

And when he had unpacked the Kringle he found that we needed the oblong one after all.

OMG it didn't take long. It was really good.

James thought this was funny. Refreeze what?

Sarah and Co went home for a while and, as you can see, William helped to "spot-vacuum".

And then Grandpa was in charge of William while we had things to do. William wanted to watch a little TV and we can see what Papa was watching, ha-ha.

Christmas Eve eve.
We all met at church for the 5 pm service. 8 really don't fit in one pew so James and I decided to scoot into the next one. What a wonderful problem to have. Somehow I was very happy and teary eyed. After the service we all went to our house and had dinner. Taco salad is just the thing when there is so much "heavy" food around otherwise.
And then we played some more...

...and did the first round of present opening. Wade is opening Caleb's who got a beautiful quilt made by Auntie Helen. Since she could not make most of it before she knew the name she still has to do the hand sewing of the binding. I just know she will do a night shift before she goes home again.

William said "He is cute"

And then there was talk about the size of the feet.

Before bedtime Helen and William did a quick scattering of reindeer food outside. Brrrrrr it is cold lately.

Santa's plate and milk are ready too and then Helen and William read the beautiful story of "What God wants for Christmas" which is an interactive nativity for children. It's their wonderful new tradition. I loved it.

Christmas Day
We all slept a little longer and William is not quite awake yet when he comes down the stairs. But Santa has been.

He isn't quite sure what to think of it. He is not into ripping packages open. Here is a video!
Unfortunately I cut the video off just a moment too early. You should have seen his eyes when he saw what it was. So happy!

But very soon he was playing with trains again ... and one new engine and two caboose.

Sarah and family came around 10 am as discussed for brunch. Caleb just got "parked" in his spot.

They had brought a breakfast casserole and we had layed other goodies. Help yourself!

William likes to play peek-a-boo through the fireplace.

It's not easy to play with such a little cousin. Video here!
William is also helping Caleb here.

The baby floor mat used to be his.

In the afternoon. Time for Christmas dinner. The turkey and all the trimmings are ready.

Helen made a wonderful sweet potatoe casserole and a sweetheart salad! Ben had made a great dressing. I normally skip the stuffing ... but not this one ... oh no! Sorry, no picture.

And like in all the other many years, James was "the turkey man". Well, and don't forget the bread sauce.

My plate. Skipped the peas and carrots. Had to skip something.

A picture worth a thousand words?

Papa and William share a bedtime snack since there wasn't really dinner.

Yup, it's being worked on. Wondering how long Helen is going to sew?

Night, night, I am tired from too much laziness!

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