Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Time with new Friends

Second Tuesday of each month: meeting of the Church Mice Quilters. This was my third meeting. My new neighbor Joyce had started to take me along. I really enjoy the meetings and have already learned a lot. The December meeting always takes place in the house of Bonnie who lives across from their church.
She had so many beautiful decorations, Christmas and others like quilts. I asked whether I was allowed to take photos and I was.

Four pictures over the sofa. Hand appliqué. Somebody told me that Bonnie had started a quilt but then thought otherwise. Perfect solution for those blocks.

No meeting without show + tell.

Ready for the "gift game".

Bonnie's husband Eddie was to read a story ... If you want to know more about it, here is a link. It is not the same story but the same idea.

... but somebody suggested that he needed a Santa hat. It took him 5 seconds to find one. The gift story had a lot of left and right words!

Lots of different desserts. But look at these mice!

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