Friday, December 20, 2013

D. C.

James and I decided we needed a little time for us. Actually, I suggested and my dear husband searched what we could do and booked tickets for a concert at the Kennedy Center,Washington, the train, hotel etc etc.
A selfie on the train Saturday afternoon. I admit that I am not good with selfies. Nevertheless I think it's fun.

Love watching things go by but, brrrrrr, it's cold and ugly out there. First glimps of D.C.

Leaving Union Station. See the Capitol?

Our plans of taking the metro and then walking to the hotel were dashed by extreme cold and rain. Taxi! These days, TV in the taxi. I want to see where we are going!

Arriving in the hotel on the 11th floor shortly after 5pm. Free happy hour starts at 5:30pm. A glass of red wine (or two?) and some nibbles prepare us to brave the outside to walk and find a restaurant for dinner.

Oh yes, very nice.

Meatloaf for James.

And jambalaya for me. A bit dry but tasty.

Sunday morning. Cooked breakfast included in the hotel. We have plenty of time to go to the National Cathedral for service at 11:15am. We take a taxi again because it is too far to walk. We are way early but the volunteer at the door invites us to explore ... which we do. There is a special exhibition of crèches but you have to go through the gift store in the basement. Oh my ...

I love crèches. I have my own little collection. This was awesome. We were told that this was only a small part of the Cathedral's collection of 500+ from different countries and cultures. Looking at them makes you think what the nativity means to others. What color was Jesus ... and does it really matter?
We had to rush through but we came back after the service to have another look. Of course I could only take a few pictures but they have this exhibition every year and it might make you want to visit next year (?)

Costa Rica

After the service ... blue altar hangings for advent time. I love the different colors for the church seasons. Made a set in blue for a church in Kentucky many years ago. Wondering whether St Martin's would like it? I should dig up the photo.

I liked the lighting of the third candle in the beginning of the service. It made Advent Sunday special.

We had gone to the exhibition again and the gift shop. Found a book for William we HAD TO buy. Could get lost in this place.

Upstairs again we stumbled into a tour in progress. It was very interesting. Next time I think I would like to plan to take a full tour.

Time to go. Brilliant sunshine but brrrrrrrrrrr so cold. Lucky for us a taxi was waiting but I could quickly snap this photo.

Back at the hotel. Got to take a photo of James and the lion. Doesn't it look like he is wiping his nose with the sleeve?

And then off to the Kennedy Center with the metro to Foggy Bottom and then the courtesy shuttle bus.

The concert starts at 5pm and we are a little early so we take a look outside.

The Potomac River.

Too cold outside so we explore a little inside. Look what I saw in the gift shop: a basket full of used ballerina shoes ... signed! I love this picture.

Still a little time. So we have a quite expensive glass of cheap wine in a plastic cup and sit on some steps with Kennedy looking on. Ah, life is good.

Of course you can't take photos during.. The concert was splendid and a lot of fun with 200 choir voices, a funny guest conductor from Harvard in Boston and even some singalong. Super!

Afterwards the shuttle and metro again. Now we are looking for a place for dinner and end up on Chinatown in a very authentic looking mom and pop place with Chinese patrons and us. We like that.

Couldn't decide which one of these two pics I like better.

Monday morning. We take our time with the "included cooked" breakfast and then eventually decide to walk to union station. It is still cold but not quite so bad and NOT raining. It will do us good after too much food. We enjoy it. James pointed out this street sign with Chinese writing!

And then all these ethnic mobile fast food places for the office people at lunchtime.

Oh no, there is The Dubliner. Somehow we seem to always end our visits here. Look at James' determined gait!

Union Station.

Had to take a video for William. He LOVES trains.

What is there not to like about a trip on the train. James found a good price for the tickets (if you are early enough) .. it is quite comfortable and takes only about two hours .. with outlets to charge your cell phone and wifi internet.
And James says that the coffee is not bad either. We had taken a sandwich to share from The Dubliner. It was a big box which had gotten jostled a bit. When we opened it, it was a mess. Nothing had been wrapped inside. But the smoked salmon tasted good anyway.


From the train.



  1. Thank you for the wonderful pics. We like the Dubliner restaurant - Bo (my brother-in-law) worked just a couple of blocks away in the GAO building.

  2. Fantastic trip! Being raised in Northern VA, I've been to the Cathedral many times, but not at Christmas, so I didn't know about the crèche exhibit. I really would love to see that one year.

    1. Ha-ha, Kim, the thing is that they have so many. There will be different ones every year!