Saturday, January 18, 2014

White stuff

Thursday morning
Couldn't believe it when I woke up and went for our early morning cup of tea to the kitchen ... snow! I actually yelled the word.

I had promised to do some work in the church office. But I couldn't walk in without first walking around and snapping some pictures (with totally inappropriate shoes). It was so pretty.

You ask "What? No grandchild pictures? Just landscape?"

Look at this picture of Caleb which Sarah put up on FaceBook. She said it was Caleb's first snow.



This picture is from the evening before. Sarah and Wade had invited us to dinner. Caleb was reacting to Wade's tongue wiggling ... and he tried to do it too.

Friday I volunteered to help Sarah so she could get some things done. First a trip to Lowes for something for the remodeling. I thought this looked so funny ... following my determined daughter.

Omi played "dress up". This was in the package which had come from my cousin Eva from Germany. She is a super knitter like our mutual grandmother Oma Grete was .I know how to knit but I am sooooo.slooooow. And her work is way more fancy.

I had forgotten that I needed to send an email. Caleb is cooperating and seems very interested in what I am doing. No, Caleb, you are too young for a smartphone! Sarah took this photo.

In the evening James wanted to do a little grilling for us. Look what he found under the lid of one of the side burners: seeds from the bird feeder and insulation.


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