Monday, January 6, 2014

Lace and leftovers

Today I went to Williamsburg for a lace class. Opportunities to learn from an expert lace teacher don't come around that often. Janet's friend Betty Manfre was in town and there was the opportunity.
Betty is an expert in Cantu lace. Here is a link to see more!
The Monday class! Thanks to Janet's daughter, who took the group photos!

Everybody is intensely working.
The teacher's earrings!

The teacher's little coaster thingy.

That's what the two-day students were working on. I can't remember whos pillow this is. Lots of new technique to learn here. Wished I could ...

And this is my achievement of the day. The flower is about the size of a quarter. Lots of new technique.

And now about the leftovers:
Since I was gone most of get day, I had not given dinner a lot of thought. The drive alone is an hour each way. Open the fridge and look what needs to be eaten. Wow, LOTS of fresh cauliflower. So I took my biggest pot and steamed it in some water. There was so much cauliflower that I took some out for my salad when it was still somewhat "el dente".
When the cauliflower was squashable I did it with the potatoe masher. Then I added leftover Philadelphia cheese, leftover cheese sauce from a taco salad dinner (velveta and salsa), leftover spicy cheese cubes and some chicken bouillon. Not how I usually make my cauliflower soup but oh, was it good. Ha-ha, I should say: is! There are probably two more meals, yeah!!!

And while I was in lace class, look what James was doing!
(Photo messages to me by Sarah)

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