Monday, January 6, 2014

This and that

The time between Christmas and New Year's was somewhat strange. Of course I was pretty busy before, then we had the marvelous topsy turfy time with the children and grandchildren and then suddenly it was quiet. But quiet can be good. You can contemplate about all those nice memories. Well, and you also can straighten out the household a little again and catching up with things you should have done before.
And how did we spent the last day of the year? We had a nice fast walk in the neighborhood again. Felt good. Starting out to comply with New Years resolution early ... or with last years late (?)
James, the man in control of the remote, tried to find something entertaining on TV but no luck really. I remember way back in Germany we (my parents and I) could watch every year "Die Fledermaus bei Johann Strauss". I still would very much enjoy that. The rude and crude doings and comments of Anderson Cooper's sidekick are just not my taste.
So, what did we do? We played "angry birds". Yes, James and I played and high-fived when one of us "got it done" ... while thinking of my Opa Otto and my mother who so enjoyed champaign ... and did accordingly.

January 1st
James had the splendid idea to go on a little longer walk along the river. He wanted to invite me to lunch at Mama Zu's ... but it was closed. Bummer. Oh well, we found a sandwich shop, took it to go and James put it in the backpack. It was too early anyway.
The river was very high and the way James wanted to go was flooded. So we had to take the higher one.

I love circle walks. Much better then having to go back the same way. More then half way we found a nice spot to have our lunch.

A panorama picture.

It was a cold day but sunny. With the right clothing ... That wooly hat is sooooooo flattering (ha-ha).

And we had riparian entertainment. Anybody who watches Hyacinth Bucket on PBS knows what I am referring to.
A bunch of young people were practicing rock climbing on that old bridge pillar.

James was very happy when we found a way he hadn't found before. The walk continued in the middle of the 9th Street Bridge. Nice walk and lovely views. So happy we did it. It felt good.

Slowly working away holiday leftovers. I am getting braver ... no recipes. Sautéing red peppers and quartered brusselsprouds. Delicious!

And here something frustrating. For our daughter's wedding July 2011 I had helped her to make a cookbook with the couples favorite recipes. I had given mine away thinking I could reprint it anytime. 2 years later ... Finally I got serious about it. When I did I found that the font was not right. Checked the new print with Sarah's (on the left) when I visited her next time. Grrrrrr computers. After I thought about it I solved the mystery. I have a new computer now and didn't download the extra fonds. The file was still on my old laptop and voila!

A parcel arrived from my cousin in Germany who is a wonderful knitter. It's for William and Caleb though and I can't open it. Sigh.

Our church celebrates Epiphany, the Feast of the Light. One of my favorite services and it is all done by the youth. I find it very meaningful.

The Christ Candle is of course the first one to be lit and then a little light was lit with the mentioning of others who brought the Light of Christ into the world starting with the Apostles, first Christians, bishops, reformists etc etc to us.

Afterwards there is always a bonfire burning the dry "formerly live" Christmas trees parishioners brought. But it was too cold for me so no photo.
Sunday afternoon (today) the 12th day of Christmas, the last day of Christmas, and the last Christmas party of the season for me. I had invited the women of our church to tea from 3-5 pm to our house. I had a wonderful time because they are all such nice people. Took a few pictures in the beginning but then forgot.

Table decorations. I have made Fröbelsterne (Moravian stars) as long as I can remember. I had enough for each lady to take one home. Thanks for coming Pat A., Ruth B., Max B., Louise B., Patsy B., Barbara C., Julie C., Sally D., Betty H., Betty H., Marci J., Barbara L., N'neka L., Susan M., Ann R., Jean R., Kim S. and Mom Marty, Carolyn W., and Annette W. I had such a great time!

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  1. It was a wonderful party. And so appreciated by everyone! I had the best time and so did my mother!