Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Catch up

Yes, I have to catch up with my blogging. Always so much going on. The last weekend in VA (18th and 19th) Wade's parents came to Richmond for the weekend. Sarah is always so good making sure that we can meet them too. So we were invited to Saturday dinner. Wade and his father cooked outside. Steak from the grill and fried oysters. Can you believe it? The bathroom remodeling workmen had brought the oysters because they came to work on Saturday.

Caleb's "other" grandparents. They so love him too.

Almost bedtime.

Can you believe he is almost standing?

All bundled up ready for his crib. He usually gives his parents a good night's sleep. Is grandpa going to bring him up?

I think a lot about my parents these days. We didn't have those great gadgets then. When we are in VA Helen is so good sending us photos, videos and facetimes once in a while. Look at this video of William with one of his toys he had received from a friend at our church!
Snoopy dance #1
Snoopy dance #2

And since I am now here in Nashville look at the video Sarah sent of Caleb!

I love our girls!!!

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