Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Saturday January 31

The weather was just too nice not to go for a walk. James thought we should walk somewhere a little more exciting then in the neighborhood. We drove down to the river and parked near the bridge to Belle Isle.
Over the bridge and then along the river. Lots of people where out and about. I had fun taking pictures. Since we had each started our pedometers we were each teasing the other when we stopped to look at something or take pictures for reducing the speed average.

I like my pictures!

On the way back over the bridge we were stopped by somebody (an older gentleman) telling us about huge stone carvings he had found on Belle Isle which prove the existence of people here before the ice age. He told us what to google to read more about it but that has to wait for some other time. He was actually very interesting.
Back from the Island we thought the walk was too short and continued towards Browns Island. James showed me the "other end" of the Pipe Trail. I have walked there several times but always from the end with the ladder, halfway and turning around.

This end doesn't have the railing on both sides. It's fun going the whole way.

I had fun with the shadows.

Ha-ha, here is a selfie, proof that I was there too.

The Pipe Trail under the railroad trestle.

Back to where we parked along the old warehouses, now apartments. Quite like the graffiti.

James (River) is that you I smell

Statue of a boatman next to the canal.

Yup, really messed up the average. It was a very nice walk.


  1. Beautiful pictures and a wonderful walk. Mike and I need to do more of that - we are too lazy!

  2. I always feel great after we did something like this. We have done walks on Belle Isle several times and never get tired of it.