Sunday, February 8, 2015

Things are happening

Yes, soon we are leaving on our trip. We better prepare. Here our daily ration of Marmite. It seems that mosquitos don't like to bite you. The British have experience with that.



But other things are happening. Sarah and Wade Have put their house on the market. Their dogs Jimmy and Schatzi went to Wade's parents. We got Edy the cat.



Needy Edy likes loving. I didn't get much accomplished in the evenings.




We had to go shopping for our trip though. We are visiting an Elementary school sponsored by OAT Overseas Adventure Travel and have two home-hosted luncheons. We needed gifts! It is not easy to find "something Richmond" or "something Virginia". We were surprised. After several stops we finally were at the right place. But here I almost ended up being a thief.

Yes, a thief. For the child we sponsor in Thailand we wanted a t-shirt. Found it. After selecting the color and size I flung it over my shoulder and looked for the other gifts. Since I had already a scarf around I totally forgot about it. James paid and we happily left now finally having everything. A couple miles down the road in the car it suddenly scooted down and into my lap. Oh my! How embarrassing. I found the receipt and called Eddy who was very understanding and laughed. I gave him a credit card number and he said not to worry. He said it was an accident to which I replied "yes, or I would not have called".



Because of house showings Sarah and family had to vacate their house sometimes. This can be difficult especially when it is Caleb's nap time. Well, there is a baby bed at our house!

But first a nice little walk in the neighborhood.





Sunday. Church in the morning. Then it is time to pack. My favorite "hiking sandals". Oh no. I never had turned them over. I should have.




Oh well. They are going anyway. And then they will stay somewhere over there and not come back.



  1. Bon voyage, my dear! Have a wonderful and safe trip! Sorry I missed saying goodbye yesterday at church! You will be missed by me!

    1. What did you think about my thievery? Heart attack!j

    2. I've done the same kind of thing. And felt SO guilty about it until I could make it right! What is odd is how surprised the store employees are at honesty. Sad, that!