Monday, February 9, 2015

On the way

Being taken by Sarah or Wade to:
1 night in Best Western Plus near the Richmond Airport


I hope to blog again about our adventure. Internet will be so-so I expect. I prepared drafts for every day hoping it will be helpful. The box in the beginning is cut and pasted from our itinerary.


Sunday afternoon: packing, packing, packing. We are ready in good time though. Sarah had to work but she comes at about 5 pm and brings us to the hotel close to the airport. They had quite a day because they had two showings in the morning and open house in the afternoon. When we were in church Wade had brought Caleb over to our place again to take his nap.

After we had said good-bye to Sarah and checked into our room we walked not far to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. Happy hour!

We raised our glasses to "The Lord's beautiful world"! I am excited now. We are on the way and can't change if we forgot something. Time to relax!



Footnote: the children have an offer on their house. Actually two we learned Monday morning. Keeping our fingers crossed!


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  1. Cannot wait for the reports and photos, my intrepid friend!