Wednesday, February 4, 2015


January 23
When Helen or Sarah call and ask "what are you doing" or "you have plans today" it's difficult to answer. This and that! Trying to tie loose ends. Get ready for our trip. Take care of things which need to be done for the church, for the quilt group etc.
Being finished with a project, checking off an UFO, that's a good feeling. Done with a quilt and James is bringing it to the post office!

Sunday 25
After church we go with some friends for lunch. Can't resist taking a photo of my friend taking a photo. Julie is a wonderful photographer. I bet this is going to be my birthday card, ha-ha.

Lots of calories in those sticky buns. Good idea to go for a fast walk in the neighborhood. Actually, you have to take advantage when the weather is nice. It's great that usually one of us motivates the other.

Two days later

Lucky we didn't get anything like the people north of us. The news was/are full of it.

Friday 30th
Sarah and Wade are trying to get their house ready to sell. We helped out having Caleb for a few hours. It's snack time. Papa shared a "papa-cookie". Last piece disappeared.

All gone.

No more?

Papa is unpacking another.

Got the news (and photos) that the parcel has arrived. Now I can show the quilt. You can read about it HERE!

I created a blog site just for "lace and quilts" for my friends who are interested in that. It will be another UFO (un-finished object) for a while until it is up-to-date. Its just like the separate blog site for Chrismons that most of the info is in one place. You can go to either by clicking on the tab on top of this site. Yeah, me and my hobbies.

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  1. Your days are full, no matter what happens! I know what you mean about "this and that". When people ask what's going on, I'm a bit stumped. I know I'm busy, but it's hard to describe it without sounding very random! You and James are going to be missed so much!