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The rest of the (Nashville) story

After the birthday party over (yesterday) this is a leisurely day.

Sunday May 17

James, Jane and I met Helen and William at their church. Afterwards we went home and packed a lunch picnic. Then we went with two cars to Long Hunter State Park.
Oops, this happened to us before: the picnic shelter was reserved. We wondered what to do. Ben and William waiting.

We were too many to just eat sitting on a bench so I went and asked the couple setting up for a party whether we could use a table for a short time (since their party had not started). They were very nice and said it was not a problem. We laid the table (yes, I had brought real table cloths) and had a very nice lunch. Helen called it posh. Then we cleaned everything away and thanked the couple. Lesson: sometimes you just have to ask nicely!
We set off on the walk.

It was a perfect day and we even saw deer. Here is a VIDEO!

Jane spied this snake just next to the walkway. Ben picked William up so he could have a better look.

Sitting down just for the picture.

I liked the looks. And the trunk even had formed a heart (you have to look at the cut sideways).

Sunday evening the three of us just "went Mexican" down the road. Very leisurely.

Monday May 18

On this visit to Nashville we had two problems: we need an A/C person to come out (James had that already set up from VA) and a bird had babies in a nest in the dryer vent. There are two vents on the side of the house so James looks into the other what it takes to change the caps.

Jane cut down something which had been growing next to the A/C without having been planted and found this! A good looking turtle. Hope those weeds were not dinner. They are gone now.

We didn't do much in the morning because we had to wait for the A/C man who looked at it and gave us the bad news that something needed to be replaced. The good news: he could get the part and could come back the next day.

Early afternoon it was time to bring Jane to the airport. Her short visit had gone past so quickly. Thanks for coming. Caleb and William think you are a super great-aunt!

Helen and William always have a busy time with his lessons on Monday but afterwards there was still time to visit William's great-grandmother. James and I always like to see her too on our visits. Unfortunately she had a health problem this time and was in a rehab center and could not come to the birthday party. The good part: at the party we had hardly time to talk with anybody. This way we had a great visit with her.

We were in two cars and had met in Mt Juliet where we had left Helen's car. Ha-ha, it was almost next to Olive Garden. So we decided on dinner (you can't be out and about and also be cooking). Obviously William likes spaghetti! Had to take a VIDEO of this expert noodle twirler!


James had to wait for the A/C man and I drove to Goodletsville to pick up quilts from the "longarmer". I had finished one of my tops and I had brought three from friends back in VA. Helen and William both had school. Of course Helen and William came over afterwards but ... no photos for once.


James "needed" to do a hike but I had things to do and couldn't go with him. It was a gorgeous day and I decided I should at least take 30 minutes for my well-being. So I did and I felt great after ... too much sitting around and partying. I don't think crawling around on the floor with your grandson counts as exercise even if you feel your bones afterwards. Got my heart rate up on this walk.

Later William and I played with the foam noodles while Helen was working on a project upstairs. She needed my Bernina for it which I had brought from VA. It's a secret at the moment but will blog about it later.
William wandered and played between upstairs and downstairs. Helen took this VIDEO at one point.
Another game: taped the noodles together and we're looking for things which we could send through the hole in the middle. Not so easy to find something the right size. Finally I found the perfect things ... raisins! When they landed in the bowl he could eat them.


James had bought the two vent covers. The birds were still there but he thought he could do the other one and see how it goes. The neighbor lent us his ladder.

This is the "bird one".

Got lucky and caught a picture of the parent come with food.

Ugh starlings. Don't like them but still couldn't take the nest out.

Thursday evening. Another major event. William is graduating from preschool at the Glen Leven Presbyterian Church. I would have loved to find out why one of the flags is the (formerly) East German one with "Hammer und Sickel"?

It was the end of the year program of all the classes. The children sang several songs which was quite nice.

And then the graduating children walked in. VIDEO!


This picture was taken by Helen.

When your last name starts with W you are most likely the last in line.

We were very proud of William. He participated with much dignity and decorum. And ... he really seemed to enjoy it. Love that boy!


Had to get up very early. We had changed our plans. Instead of both of us driving back (starting very early) James had bought a plane ticket for himself. We had Richmond Forum tickets (a make-up because of the snow In February) for that evening and James was very interested (and the tickets are just too expensive to not use). I would have liked to attend too but I had had not much time with Helen because of all the things going on. So, two more sleeps for me here!

William had soccer practice at 9:45 am. Since it was on my way I picked her and William up. The coach was great. In this VIDEO he plays a game: he is a bear trying to get to the honey (yellow marker on the ground). The bees have to sting him by trying to kick their balls so it touches his legs. What a way to learn passing the soccer ball!

Afterwards William came with me. We dropped Mommy off at home so she could pack his "suitcase" for the night. William and I played hard. But first he had to cross his fingers for Papa who was stranded in Philadelphia because they had cancelled his second flight. I spelled and William typed a message for Papa. After Papa answered William just took the iPhone out of my hand, pressed the mice icon, dictated his message and pressed send that I sat there with my mouth open.

To make a long story short: James was on stand-by for the next plane but didn't get on. He was listed 4 of 29 and they took 3. He was confirmed on the one after that but it kept getting later and later. Finally he got to RIC, Sarah and Caleb picked him up and he made it in time. The second ticket got to very good use because our pastor's son had gotten his masters in the very field and of course was very interested.

William likes to pile up pillows and fall off.

He likes to build hiding places. Omi is good at it too. This one didn't fall apart all afternoon.

It can be a hiding place ...

... or a picnic place.

Mommy came. We showed her how to blow plastic bubbles. Turns out she is much better than me doing it.

So, William spent the night with Omi. He told me that he would take care of me since Papa wasn't there. When it was time to go to bed and we played in the tub he told me something which I didn't understood. When he is so very tired he doesn't always speak clearly enough. So I didn't do the right thing and he says: "Omi, you didn't listen to my directions!" and he said that very clearly.

Saturday May 23

He sleeps on a mattress (from the guest room) on the floor in our bedroom. At around 7 am I hear a soft "good morning". He sat up and smiled at me. By invitation he climbed into Papa's empty space and we did FaceTime with Papa. Got him with shaving cream all over his face. Took a screen shot but probably shouldn't upload it, ha-ha.

No photos today? Helen came for lunch and late afternoon they left so I could do some packing. For dinner I was invited to their house which was very nice. Very delicious food and great conversation.
Ben volunteered to take care of the dryer vent cap for us once the birds have left for which we are very grateful.


Alarm at 5 am
On the road at 6 am
Sr coffee and a breakfast muffin in Strawberry Plains at 9:45
Gas and picnic lunch in Wytheville. Oh yes, and a coke which I didn't have in years. Still don't like it but didn't feel like coffee either.
Home at 5 pm (lost one hour this direction). Hubby happy!

To sum it up: it was a great visit! Every time we get to know Ben a little better, and he us. While I was driving Helen notified me that William wanted to know when we were coming again. Then he told her that he NEEDED a calendar again (like before his visit to us) so he can mark off the days. I am so grateful and happy that our children love us and like to spend time with us. Life is good! Thank you, LORD!





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  1. What a lovely visit. But I think I won’t go on any walks with you – you all always seem to see SNAKES!!!