Thursday, May 21, 2015

William's birthday party

Saturday. Helen had made really cute invitations ... 2 pm at St John's.

To give her a little more time for her preparations I had made a breakfast casserole (ha-ha, can be eaten at any time in my eyes) and a cauliflower and egg salad. James, Jane, William and I took that and were at Helen and Ben's house at noon for lunch.

After lunch we headed for the church to set up. Helen had prepared everything so well that we were done in no time. And being under a roof outside was perfect ... especially since there was a chance for rain.
Helen introduces Mr Bond, the science guy!

First a disclaimer. I have a hundred or so photos in a shared file. No idea which one is from whom. And worse: which of the many do I put into this blog?

The science guy was terrific. He involved all the children. Every one had a turn at one point. Of course the birthday boy got the most turns.
The science guy was funny. The children were excited and jumped with joy. And the parents laughed a lot too.


This picture shows the shirt with the 5 he really really wanted, so Helen told me. So I sewed it Saturday morning. He had picked the shirt and the fabric for the 5.

Then we all could make a little bouncy ball ourselves.

At the end the science guy produced the volcano cake. Happy birthday, William!


Of course Helen had made the brain and the earthworm cupcakes.

And then one of the little children called out: "Can William open the presents?"


William's Mommy had prepared a little gift he could give to each of the children too. They were so excited. We have heard more then once "best birthday party ever!"

Everything cleaned away.

Time to go home.




  1. Fabulous party! I loved the science guy and how all the kids chanted “harder” in HIS accent!

    Happy Birthday, William!

    1. The things you notice! Had to listen to it again and yes, you are right.
      The blog really doesn't do it justice how nice the whole thing was.

  2. What a great memory for him to carry with him!

    1. I hope so. If not, he can read the blog ha-ha. Thanks.