Wednesday, May 20, 2015

William week

That's what Helen calls it! William's birthday is Thursday May 14. On the Sunday before Grandma Mops and Great-Grandma GeeGee had a little celebration for him.

We were on our way on Wednesday.
As always pack the car and be on the road with a to-go cup of tea and then stop after 2 or 2 1/2 hours for a "senior" breakfast.

We had packed our lunch and when it was time found a nice spot with a view.

We arrived in time to go to Helen's church for the Wednesday supper and service. William was thrilled to see us of course.

Next day on THE DAY (Thursday) he had school and the teacher sent this picture to Helen.

In the evening we had dinner at the TH (townhouse). We did the shopping for it and Helen cooked her special spaghetti sauce. Guess what dessert was? What you see in the foreground is Helen's trial version of the brain mold for his party on Saturday. It's the family recipe orange mold but with watermelon jello because of the color.

The three hip hip hurrays are a family tradition but we almost forgot. It was Ben who remembered. Here is the VIDEO.


We contemplated "yes or no" to visit Cheekwood Botanical Garden because the weather was very questionable. We did decide to try. William is in his new big boy car seat.

As soon as we arrived it started to fizzle rain. It was very close to lunchtime so we decided to start with that.

Every time we visit there is something new to see. This time it was sculptures. I found them quite fascinating!

As always William was very eager to see the model trains. The set was very improved and a lot of fun. William had fun socializing with another little boy.

The train models are so much fun to watch. The photos really can't capture it. May be this VIDEO helps.
The treehouse also always gets visited.

On the way home a stop at Bobbie's, a famous place for soft icecream.

Afterwards playtime at Omi's house. Aunt Jane really knows how to play.  

Play continues later at "William's house". Ben and Helen had invited us for dinner. We had a great time and ... it was delicious! We even had a choice between beef or salmon from the "green egg".

William is waiting for dessert.

William came with us because he wanted to sleep at Omi and Papa's. I am amazed how fast he is changing. Well, I guess all children do. How much he can do already. How much he already understands. But he is always the same sweet William. Even when he us very very tired. Bath. Bed. He loves the mattress on the floor in Omi and Papa's bedroom. HIS BED.

Fast asleep still at 7:30 am.

After breakfast (Omi's applesauce and oats) full steam ahead.

Helen is getting ready for William's birthday party starting at 2 pm. This blog is getting too long so that has to be a different blog after all.


  1. Oh, dear. You took an Englishwoman to McDonalds’? ;-) Looks like you gave her a lovely lunch, though!

    What a wonderful garden. Lots to explore in that one.

    Did Helen make the beautiful quilt hanging up behind her dining room table?

    1. Yes, info here:
      She does really nice work ... if she had only more time (that seams to be a family problem)