Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Visiter from England

So exciting! Jane (James' sister) arrived from England on Thursday evening May 7th. We picked her up at RIC and didn't have to wait long.

Friday is Sarah's day off so she came with Caleb quite early.

We had a program. First we had to bring her car to be serviced where we then all squeezed into our Volvo and went to Lewis Ginter Botanical garden.

The garden looked totally different then just a few weeks ago. The daffodils and tulips were gone and the peonies not quite out. Nevertheless there is always something nice and lovely to see.

Caleb is most interested in the puddles though. He was so cute that s photographer asked for permission to take a picture which Sarah gave her but she never could take because Caleb's interest had suddenly changed. She was gone when he returned to the puddle.

Saw this walking around. Didn't get too close!

One of the peonies already in bloom.

After the LGBG back to our house. Lunch = I had prepared pork and spinach quiches the night before. Caleb liked it too. Since we finally had bought a "white noise machine" like Sarah has he was very willing to take a long nap. Eventually we brought Sarah and Caleb back to the car service place.

Saturday! Uuhh, we had to get up early. Sarah's working schedule had been changed which put them into a bind because Wade had volunteered to work for his company before he knew that. Jane and I left the house at 7 am. James had to come a little later because he had a church thing first.
Caleb was a lot of fun.
We watered the ferns on the front porch. He likes that. look at this VIDEO Sarah took a few days ago. Water dripped a little on his head and he wondered where it came from.
VIDEO of Jane and Caleb

He wandered around in the front yard on Aunt Jane's hand.

So early in the day it was still a little chilly so we played inside. This is his playroom (which might be the formal living room for some people).

We had talked about and looked forward to visiting the Farmers' Market as soon as James had arrived. The main reason: the worlds best donuts.

Great disappointment! This day they were not there. We did find a soft roll for Caleb though ... and went back home.


We had brought the second quiche (a recipe makes two) and Caleb ate a good lunch.

A little more running around and then off to bed for a nap. He went very happily.

Sarah and Wade both arrived between 2 and 3 pm and we went home. The three of us needed a little exercise so we went on a neighborhood walk.

Sunday! Mother's Day!
Before church I opened the mail from Helen which had arrived several days ago. What a surprise! 4 mug rugs with hand appliqué. Two hearts and one hand from William and one hand from Caleb. So cute. I am not going to spill coffee on them. I will hang them up. Know already how.

We were invited for an early Sunday dinner to Sarah and Wade. We took irises and roses from our garden. The carnations were given to Jane and me in church in the morning. And I had baked another badge of "apple roses".

I think the screened porch is Edy's favorite room. You can see her in the above picture on the window sill behind me.

The chefs preparing pizza for grilling on the green egg.

Sarah got out the "bubbles". Caleb loves them as much as William did. And yes ...

Oh yes!

Plans were changing fast. It was the day of my monthly lace meeting in Williamsburg and it was all worked out. James and Jane were coming too, dropping me off and doing some sightseeing there. So much to see there. The weather forecast was horrible though and even worse there. It rained pretty much all day but we managed to do some shopping. We had to find two square flower containers to put on the new concrete next to the pillars. We also had to find annuals to plant into the containers, specifically geraniums. Don't know what is the matter this year but geraniums seem to be scarce this year. At the end we found some and even at a very reduced price.
Jane treated us to lunch at the "Firebird" which was lovely.
And then the planting was done between showers. I am not very excited about the square pots we found but they have to do this year. The scraggly pansies went and garden expert Jane did her thing. I didn't take a single picture on Monday. In the garden my hands were too dirty to touch my iPhone.

The sun was shining again. Jane did some finishing.

I had my monthly CR Quilters meeting at 10 am. There was no question about missing it since I gave the lesson. I think it went well. James and Jane did some food shopping, we had a late plain lunch together and Sarah came by after work to say good-bye to her Aunt.
I cooked Shepherd's pie for dinner (except I kept the mashed potatoes separate and gave the minced meat + veggies more gravy. Our friend and neighbor joined us. She had hosted Jane and Co. at the time of Sarah's wedding and we had a very lively conversation.
After that we got ready for our trip the next day. Jane finished the last cross-stitch Chrismons to make 24 for my project. She is an expert at it and I had asked her whether she would do it and sent it with James when he visited England in January. She brought those all done but I had to design a few more. We are both excited about this project which is going to be a raffle and Jane says she would like to win it.

Until then there is a lot more work to be done on this. At least I have made a plan HOW to do it.

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  1. Eeeek! The snake picture was a surprise. Glad I was not on this particular visit to LG! It was lovely seeing Jane on Sunday and it looks like you had a wonderful visit. “The worlds best doughnuts” – would that be Mrs. Yoder’s? Because we discovered this week that her truck is parked in the parking lot in front of Westbury Pharmacy – at least on Mondays. The Chrismons are gorgeous and anyone would be thrilled to win them. You certainly packed in a LOT in just a few days. Can’t wait for the next episode!