Saturday, May 9, 2015

Gardening, Derby, Hike ...

Spring! Yes! Finally!




Here are some pictures of what is not so good in our garden.

The azalea almost died this winter and the other green thing just never did anything. So they had to go.



This area really needs attention.



Those two nandinas always looked messy.



For people who moved into a community where the outside is taken care of by the HOA we worked awfully hard, especially James.




But the results are so satisfying!





Ah, yes, and then came Kentucky Derby Day.

Wade's parents Kathy and Mike were visiting. So James and I were invited that Saturday and so were Carolyn, Jon and Cooper.

Sarah's first from-scratch-derby-pie.



The big room in the walk-out basement was just perfect to watch the horse race ... the few seconds of it, ha-ha.




Caleb likes to stick to his bedtime. So he had dinner first.




Did you see the scotch eggs in the picture above? I brought those. I like making them.

Wade's barbecue chicken from the green egg. Mmmhhh!



It was lovely eating, sitting and chatting in the screened porch. It's always nice to meet up with Wade's family.






What else?


I tried out the recipe of the "Apple roses". I need to improve on it. The dough was not totally baked.



James and I went to find to buy a new mattress but came home with a coffee table. James had wanted one for a long time and I didn't think we needed one (sorry, James). But when I saw this one I wanted it too.



Another success: sorted out my clothes in my bedroom closet! James brought a carload to the Goodwill. What a good feeling.

Celebrated by another (nearly) 6 miles hike. One Burr standing next to a tree with a burr.





I also made great progress with the "Chrismons in Lace Series" and was able to upload several patterns to the Chrismons blog (tab above). Reports about lace and quilts also separate (tab above).


And then it's time to get ready for James' sister Jane's visit!


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  1. Your yard is gorgeous – very envious over here on the dustbowl. All the food, both yours and Sarah’s looks scrumptious, but I especially love those Scotch eggs – I haven’t made them in years. Always tempted to make mini ones when I see the quail eggs at Tan A. I’m VERY impressed with your apple roses, too!