Sunday, December 27, 2015

Blessed Christmas

Christmas week it rained a lot. A lot! It didn't really matter though. Didn't really have to go anywhere.



Ugly weather makes it cozier inside ... especially when you are baking. I felt like it. But suddenly the doorbell rang and startled me. Silly. Had to throw the rugs into the washer and wipe the cabinets.



24th of December. A few days are still missing on my Chrismons in Lace Advent calendar. Next year!



Sarah had a wild Christmas Eve. She had to work til 2 and then had to rush home because Kathy and Mike (her in-laws) were visiting and there was an extra little guy (friends' child) because his daycare was closing early until his father can pick him up. What are friends for? They had all gone to the 4:30pm Christmas service and we were invited for some visiting and nibbling afterwards. The toddlers did great during the service.

Sarah told the little guys to stand in front of the tree for a picture. They cooperated ... but not at the same time, ha-ha.




Sarah suggested to Caleb to give Grayson a hug ... but Grayson wanted none of that.



Sarah had made some lovely Advent-decorations with some German props.



We had to leave at 7 pm though. We had a party to go to. First we picked up our friend Julie who also was invited to Kim and Mike's open house. It was fun as always, lovely decoration and yummy food. At 9 it was time to go though.

Julie, James and I went for a short time to our house and then to our church. Choir music at 10:30 and service (with incense!) at 11 pm. It is an uplifting service.






December 25


We were not supposed to sleep too long. Sarah said we should not miss Caleb opening his presents. The boy has a lot of relatives who love him. This playhouse is from Nana, his great-grandmother.




It was a lot of fun watching him open the present from Auntie Helen, Uncle Ben and William.






A lovely brunch and too much to nibble + unseasonable warm gorgeous weather = got to go for a walk!



No more presents to open? Time to play with the packing material! VIDEO!



It is time for his nap. He is so tired and is getting silly.



Kathy puts Caleb to bed so Sarah has a chance to play.




Caleb is taking a nap and so should his parents. Kathy and Mike are going back to Pulaski and we home too. Time to open our gifts from Nashville. Two parcels had arrived days earlier. So we did FaceTime. Helen and William watched us opening. Papa first! (Unbenounced Helen took the photos and sent them to me later) he will be very happily thinking of William and his parents when he drinks his coffee for a long time.




Poor William didn't feel good at all. But he watched anyway.



I had "eyed" this book several months ago and Helen had remembered. Thank you very much!



William perked up a little though when we asked him what Santa brought him. 5 years, what a great age! Helen told us that he liked the Advent sacks just as much as his Mommy always did. I am also happy to say he feels much better now.

But the best: we are all looking forward to spending some time together soon.

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  1. Christmas is just that much more special when you have little ones around! So glad that you were able to come to our house.