Thursday, December 10, 2015

More Nashville time

Friday Dec 4 ... continued


When William comes to us for a sleep-over Helen and Ben have a chance for a date. So Papa, Willam and I went to "La Terrazza" a mile down the road. On the way home we were making sure he wouldn't fall asleep in the car.



It was still early. What else can we do with those marbles?





Saturday Dec. 5


Another Home Depot children workshop. We were there shortly after 9 am.




Look ... on the right ... Santa was there too again.



Yes, William had written a nice letter to Santa with his wishes and put it into the letter box to the right.



At 2:30 pm all 5 of us where in our seats at the children's theater. First we had to investigate the sculpture though.





We thought the bird nest in the dragon's mouth was cute.




We all enjoyed "Charlotte's Web" very much. Incredible performance.



Got to think of things to do in the tub. Making bubbles again.




Sunday Dec 6


Chrismon Sunday at St John's Lutheran Church. During the children sermon Pastor Rick explained the symbol. Helen had given him the big Cup+Bread for the church tree. I like what the church is doing. Advent is the time of preparation for Christmas. The 1st Sunday in Advent introduced the wreath. Today (the 2nd Advent Sunday) there was the empty tree. Next Sunday (3rd Advent) will add the lights and on the 4th all the ornaments. Progressive preparation for Christmas.

The one Chrismon on the tree looked very powerful. I was upset with myself that I forget to take a photo of it.




William helped giving out the Chrismons to the children. He is always so eager to help in church ... helping the crucifier ... helping the ushers with the collection ...




We had lunch at the townhouse. Since we had to pack and organize Helen persuaded William to come home with her and surprise Papa and Omi with the Christmas tree. It looked so pretty. The sparkle in William's eyes was brighter even than the tree. He was so excited and cute.



We shared a lovely dinner and then said good bye.

Monday Dec 7

Alarm at 5:45 am and on the road at 6:35 am.

Fog was rising from the valleys and rivers.



We had a great time again. Lots of family time and shared meals. FaceTime will have to tie us over until next time.


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  1. Sleepovers with grandparents are the BEST! And I loved the dragon sculpture. Glad you had a good visit!