Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Happy Birthday to me

67 years ago my father got me and a block of chocolate for his birthday. We always had fun on our mutual birthday. Unfortunately my father is not here to celebrate any longer but I had a wonderful birthday today!

It started with opening the present from Helen. Every year I wish for a quilt calendar and she is always worried I might get bored of it. But that is not so. I am enjoying it year round. Thank you very much!



Few days ago I had mentioned to James that I would like to go for a little hike and then have lunch at the German restaurant in Fredericksburg our friend Kim keeps talking about. He thought it was a good idea and found a nice little walk. It's an hour's drive to Fredericksburg and the traffic was quite heavy (people going home?) but nothing actually slowed us down.



First we walked along the canal and then along the river. Very nice and fun.



At the end of the circle we walked along the canal again. Another walker was kind enough to take this photo.




I don't think we walked enough to offset the lunch to come!



It wasn't so easy to choose from the menu.



Ha-ha, can you see the server in the mirror taking the picture?





With my coffee came a complimentary dessert. I would not have had room for cake but the fruit was very nice.



The restaurant is actually located in the old railroad station. Nice atmosphere. Nice experience.



On the way home in the car I checked my mail and messages. It is so nice when your family and friends think of you. It's like when the doorbell rang when I was a child. THANK YOU TO YOU ALL!

Helen sent this text. Wouldn't any grandma's heart leap?



Sarah was with her husband and son on her way to the in-laws, a 3 1/2 hour drive. I took this picture from the VIDEO she sent. Aaaahhhh!



I am so blessed. I feel loved.


Sunday we needed to go to Martin's. It was such a lovely day with blue sky and sunshine that we decided to go on foot. Look at the blooming tree in the parking lot.




Tuesday evening Sarah invited us to dinner again. Caleb was very interested to watch me unwrap my birthday present. Sarah had found two bowls which are micro and oven safe. Some time ago I had looked for something like that.

We used them on Wednesday. They are great. Thank you!





  1. Happy Belated Birthday, my dear friend! I'm so sorry that I missed wishing you Happy Day on the 26th. But, as you know, I was in a coma! I'm glad that you had a wonderful day. And if you liked The Bavarian Chef, we'll be glad to go back with you any time!