Saturday, December 19, 2015

More blog catching up

Saturday Dec 12
We had put up the big outdoor wreath and the garlands but the small wreaths were beyond using. The lights didn't work anymore anyway. While James was at the men's breakfast I found this bow I liked.



Second Monday of the month 10 to 3 --- it's always the Colonial Lacemakers. The December meeting is usually at my house. We always start with a little craft. This year I did not have to worry because Mary took care of it.

She had shared a paper star on FB. I had commented and teased her and she took me seriously. She brought the strips and all.

We were done with that in perfect timing.
I had agonized about what to serve. As always too many possibilities. I decided to demonstrate the stove-top-pizza again (like to the church ladies). I think everybody had fun. Donna helped make the second one with the Alfredo sauce.

After the pizza we had pumpkin soup. I took notes while I had prepared it this time. I will share the recipe as soon as I have written it.
Of course we had dessert too. Mary had brought these cute little hedgehogs (lacemaker's mascots) and we had a selection of other things like Danish Kringle and mini pumpkin pies (another new recipe). No shortage.

Of course we always have to have Christmas crackers, especially since we had two new members.

Yes, and here is my star hanging from the sunroom fan.


Tuesday Dec 15th 5:30 pm

ECW Christmas party
First we had a delicious potluck and refreshments. I am really not good at singing but it gets you into the spirit. Nancye played the out-of-tune and key-missing piano but did a great job and it was great fun.

President Betty had provided papers with the words.

Betty explained how our gift exchange would work. It has several names of which one is "dirty Santa".

Julie is "stealing" a gift from Leslie who didn't mind. Gave her a chance to find something even better.

When I came home James had put up a floodlight which made for a very nice shadow.



After all those hectic weeks we decided on "time-out". First we went to the VHS (Virginia Historical Society) to see the special exhibition of the Downton Abbey wardrobe. It was very interesting.

Across the street is the VMFA (Virginia Museum of Fine Arts) which is first class too. We went for lunch at the AMUSE. A little more expensive but James lamb shank was excellent (except that he was really missing the promised brusselsprouds - three halves were not enough for him).

My scallops were devine.

We do not often have dessert but decided to splurge. James had something chocolate (of course) and I had apple tarte tatin with drunken cranberries. Really?

After lunch we visited the special Rodin exhibition there too. I found it a bit disappointing ... but still interesting.


Friday December 18

We had promised to help Sarah buy shoes for Caleb. She wanted to meet early so we agreed on 9:30am. We had to waste a little time because they didn't open before 10 but it was ok. Caleb really corporated and the whole thing didn't take long.

He tried on several pairs without complaining.

No cooperation here though. He was just too quick.

We had lunch and then parted. Hope she made it home without him falling asleep in the car. A proper nap is always helpful.

The rest of the day I was successful finishing our Christmas mail. Yeah! I had worked on it for some time. I have to learn a lot on my new Mac. Everything takes more then double as long. I feel pretty good though about everything. Anytime you can check something off.

Have to get up early tomorrow!


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  1. We are going to see the Rodin exhibit after the new year. Hope to talk Mike into lunch at Amuse. We love that place!

    I know you all are having a wonderful time this weekend, but we missed you at church today. The Christmas pageant was wonderful – the best ever. And since Maddie and Olivia sat right in front of me and little Noah was a few rows up, you KNOW that I was happy!