Sunday, July 24, 2016

Baby Storm

I learned that a baby shower is sometimes called a "sprinkle" for a second child. Carolyn, Leslie and Katie decided to give a "baby storm" party for Sarah because she is expecting twins.

The party was planned to be at Sarah's because there was no knowing in what state she might be at that time. She let me help her getting the twin's nursery ready on her days off. She wanted large frames as kind of backdrops for the two letters (the names mystery!) she had already. We found these posters and the painting began. That pink needed several coats.

This is how it looked on the day of the party July 9th. I had sewn the curtains several weeks ago already.

Days before the "storm" we had found these onesies on sale and I had bought them. Sarah didn't know though that I wanted to add the initials to have a party gift.

The party was a fun event. Everything was lovely decorated and the food was so delicious. The hostesses Carolyn, Leslie and Katie had done a super job.

After the refreshments Sarah opened the gifts to the twins.

And Caleb helped. I am a proud grandmother because he was so nice about it. No envy.
And here is a VIDEO.

James and I feel that we can help Sarah and Wade probably most after the twins arrive by helping more with Caleb. We thought he might like a little suitcase to visit us overnight. He was happy to unwrap that.

It's a great success.

On Sunday Sarah told me what a success his suitcase really is. When Kathy (Wade'smother) needed to bring Leslie and Katie to the airport in the morning, Caleb insisted that he needed to go to the airport with his suitcase too. So Kathy took Sarah's car with the carseat and Caleb along. He dragged it along on the driveway and tried to lift it into the trunk. Then in the car he told everybody that his suitcase was behind him.

We asked Sarah and Wade whether Caleb wanted to try out his suitcase the following Saturday on the 16th. Sarah had to work until 2 pm but it was their 5th wedding anniversary so the suggestion was welcomed.

But first Wade took Caleb to meet Bob the builder at the children's science museum. He had been so excited and even remembered to take his yellow construction hat. He did get scared though. I "stole" the photo from Facebook.

Afterwards they came for lunch and then Caleb took a nap.

Unfortunately it's really too hot to play outside but we found something to play inside.

He found his parents' wedding album under the coffee table. He was very interested and pointed out all the people he knows.

Well, yes. It's grandparents duty to spoil.

Afterwards it was cool enough to go to Echo Park which we knew has a playground. We stopped for a long time on the bridge because we could see many turtles, ducks and fishes.

At the playground he was maybe 90 seconds. No interest in sliding.

He wanted to go on the trail.

... until he was scared about something and wanted to be carried. Luckily that didn't last too long.

We made it all around the lake. Omi had to take a photo if this flower.

Before going to the car we had to go to the bridge again to see more turtles.

We had a good night's sleep and went to church Sunday morning. When he had arrived Saturday he asked when we were going to church right then so we knew it was going to be ok. And he was very good and quiet in the pew and happy to be with the other children during children's service. He might have been looking forward to the "refreshments" afterwards.


  1. Isn't being a grandparent the most absolute awesome FUN! Spoil away my friend!

  2. Isn't being a grandparent the most absolute awesome FUN! Spoil away my friend!

  3. How sweet is Caleb??? Just wonderfully helpful. Hope he keeps it up!