Monday, July 4, 2016

Nashville time

Yes, yes, we arrived several days ago and I know who is waiting to hear all about it. We had a great time in Nashville with Helen, Ben and William!

We had promised William that we would come on June 16 and of course kept the promise. So Thursday was driving day all day ... with picnic lunch so not to lose too much time.



Here is my painting from William's birthday party I had forgotten to take a photo of last time. Hanging on the bottom of the stairs. Not bad?



William spent every possible night with us if he didn't have to be somewhere early in the morning. And a few times he fell asleep again after he had said good morning. Love that boy!



We were here for about 2 weeks and did all sorts of things. Yes, even tried (invented?) a new soup mixture for our church bazaar. James liked it. (Unfortunately what I bought at the Aldi in Nashville our Aldi in Richmond doesn't have)



The weather was so so. Either too hot to do anything outside with William during the day or rainy. But a few times we could do a nice walk just before dark.





How do you get rid of an old tube tv? We had played round robin ... bought a new one for Richmond ... took that previous one to Nashville for the living room ... took that previous one upstairs ... and what with that? James found out that Best Buy takes them (for a small fee) and with that my "Row by Row season" started. The Best Buy in Goodlettsville was close to some nice Quilt shops. Patient James. But about that on my other blog.





A few days later Helen, William and I made another "Row" trip this time to Smyrna and Murfreesboro. William found right away the toys in the first shop.



In the second shop he found a table with something to read.



And guess what the reward was for being so good?



In between William visits, James and I are trying to decide what to do about our floor. The living room carpet has to go. Soon.



It was time to find something new for the boy to do. He is growing up so fast. We tried sewing and made a heart coaster for Mommy.




Helen and I had a project and Papa went with William to the zoo. Thanks for the photos, James.




Helen is working on a quilt for Ben. She and William decided that Pops would be happy if his son had helped making it.






And every day a few minutes for math and writing.



More help on Ben's quilt.





From another walk in the neighborhood.



Yes, you don't have to do any arm twisting or bribery. He loves to read. I am impressed since he hasn't even started first grade yet. Buddy, Ellington, Clifford and Iggy (the Iguana from Costa Rica) are patient listeners.



One time when we picked him up from art camp he gave us a tour of his mother's garden. She had gone to Master Gardener classes in the spring and learned something new. Great hopes of some harvest. It looks super!



William shows off that camp day's art.



He told us he could show us how to make those legs



No visit without the trap obstacles in the middle of the room.



And then ... the last day. It's never easy. But Omi had already printed a calendar page with the next visit marked.



Clifford is ready to go with William. Ellington will watch over the townhouse.



Wednesday June 29 - we woke up before the alarm rang (which we had forgotten to set anyway ha-ha). We were on the road very early. Yes, 5:30am!



Breakfast in Strawberry Plains as always. After that 4 stops at quilt shops close to the highway. James got into the spirit of the Row by Row experience. In Abingdon he criticized into my ear that workmanship could be better. The chimneys were all crooked. He also decided that it was supposed to be the same house in the 4 seasons before reading the directions.



Lunch with a view. Would you guess that behind me are several gas stations?



Last stop in Fairfield (not counting driver change).




Home at 5 pm!


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  1. What a wonderful and FULL trip! We've had the same problem trying to get rid of old-style TVs!