Friday, July 29, 2016


On the road again, Monday morning July 25.

Lunch picnic half way.



James asks what happened? The road is pleasantly empty. We did see some standing traffic. Luckily it was on the opposing lanes.



Arrived in Nashville and William spends the night. Actually three nights in a row. Besides her Tuesday and Thursday classes Helen was asked to work more days. We had a lot of fun.

Tuesday morning James drove him to Camp Bric, a Lego class from 9 am to 12:30. After James had picked him up and brought him back again we did all sorts of things.

We did have to decorate the "Schultüte" I had made in Virginia. I had to make it since we can't buy one here. "Schultüte" is a German custom, you can read more about it HERE. Children who enter first grade get one on the first day of school ... filled with sweets and little toys. I got one (when I was a "I-Männchen" = firstgrader). Helen and Sarah each got one. William is going to get one.



We thought it would mean more to William if he helped decorate it. I had brought the stickers. He selected and peeled them and told me were to stick them. What a team we are.





Wednesday Camp Bric again in the morning. In the afternoon we baked a dozen choco/pumpkin cupcakes without the chocolate chips for Mops' birthday (his other grandmother) and the rest with. He was a great big help.





Every waking minute we build. Traintracks! Houses! Hiding spots! Omi is really quite good at it with good ideas. And Papa is a great sport too.



Thursday it rained on and off most of the day which made bringing him and getting him back from Camp Brick a bit of a challenge. James gave raving reports of the things the children had built which were on display so he was commisioned to take photos. Love it.






After they came back William had to have lunch first. But I had promised him to help with an obstacle course. He had seen something on TV and had jumped the previous day from the Sofa onto pillows until Helen explained to me why.

I think we came up with a great obstacle course. We had jumping from island to island, slalom around empty bottles, crawling through a tunnel and swimming in a river.

He asked me to take a VIDEO.

But he really wanted me to take a slow-mo VIDEO (sorry, it is rather long)




At three we had to bring him to Helen with his little suitcase. He wants to sing "happy Birthday" to his other grandma today (Thu 28th). Tomorrow is his Daddy's birthday.

I miss being read to tonight and that marvelous good-night hug.



  1. I love the tradition of the Schultüte! In Germany, do the children actually take them to school and open them there on the first day?

    1. Yes, they do take them to school but I don't think you open them there. You do that in privat. (It has been a while since I had mine)