Saturday, July 23, 2016

This and That

I know I am behind with blogging but nothing really major happened since we are back from Nashville. But we very much enjoy even the everyday kind of things.

I was in the "Row by Row" spirit and James was good and patient. Saturday July 2nd I had to go to Mechanicsville for something anyway so decided to also visit a quilt shop "out in the middle of nowhere". James decided to come along. Wouldn't you know - it was closed even though it was supposed to be open.

The good thing we saw a roadside farmer's stand on the way back and stopped. Honor system. Really cool. Those tomatoes tasted sooooo good.

Working on some row by rows.

Yes, it is summer! Virginia summer! We try to get our walks in early in the morning or in the evening. We braved the clouds and still got at least 3 miles in.

The Virginia summer doesn't keep us from grilling and eating on the back patio whenever possible. James tried sweet potato grills (fries). They were good!

I had a pink t-shirt on and that praying mantis kept walking towards me like he had a purpose.

Few days later when I was deadheading flowers he/she was suddenly walking up on my arm. Go and eat the bugs on my plans!

The new hardy hibiscus is finally blooming.

Uh, and what are these?

May be we feed the birds too much? They should take care of these, but we love seeing them (the birds, not the bugs) when we are sitting outside. And the hummingbirds ... even if they are fighting all the time. Because we hung feeders out for them too they came back as well. It's not so easy to take a photo of them too.

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  1. Where was that farm stand? We haven’t had a good tomato yet this summer!