Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Helen and William had a safe trip home. I bet Ben was very happy to have them back. We were very happy to have had them visit us. No doubt everybody had a good time.

Today I had to turn the last Advent-calendar ornament around myself. My helper was gone.

And I was busy taking pictures of the amaryllis for the letter to William. Yes, that had to be written quickly too. But the amaryllis photos are not for this but for the next letter. A photo each day because he wants to see the progress!

December 24  -  Christmas Eve

Around six we picked up our friend Julie because we are all invited to our friends Kim and Mike for their annual Christmas Eve open house party. As always the house was full with guests and it is always fun to mingle around besides finding the wonderful nibbles. Kim is a fantastic cook and baker and they are both great hosts. 

Marty wanted me to take a selfie! I had fun talking to her too.

For a while we returned back to our house with Julie and just "chilled". And then it was time to go to the late service. 
10:30 Caroling which is always nice - 11 pm Service which is always uplifting

Christmas Day !!!

We were invited to Sarah's. Santa had been very good to Caleb! As soon as we arrived we had to go outside again. VIDEO!
There is a very funny story about the tractor. When we were all in Blackstone looking at the Model Trains, William and Caleb each picked out a little matchbox tractor for the other. William had picked a green tractor with a "bucket". Caleb announced that he didn't want a tractor with a bucket and Sarah almost fainted because she knew that Santa had the big one hidden at home just like it with a bucket! But then the boys swapped forth and back half a dozen times that day and they both ended up happy including Caleb with the green tractor with a bucket toy!
And on Christmas Day Caleb did not complain to Santa either.

It was cold and wettish outside but nice and cozy inside. Wade's parents were there and later more family came for lunch ... Carolyn, Jon and Cooper and Carolyn's parents.

Carolyn had a project. William cooperated very nicely as seen in the VIDEO!

In case you wondered: A handprint ornament from each child. What a good idea.

For dinner it was the young family with both sets of grandparents.

Kathy volunteered to take a selfie. She did a much better job then I ever could. Well done!

Of course we had fun pulling the crackers and reading the "lame" but still good jokes.

And then it was time to go home.

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  1. It was wonderful seeing you all on Christmas Eve! We’ll have to have a quiet dinner or lunch sometime when everyone is healthy (I came back from Charlottesville with ANOTHER case of bronchitis & Mike is still feeling the effects of his sinus infection) and the snow is navigable!

    Loved the pictures of Caleb on his tractor and the twins in there cracker crowns!