Friday, December 23, 2016

Yeah! Visitors from TN

Wednesday December 14  ... We can't really show this to William when he comes. He is very concerned about the earth. We had the crepe myrtle in the front cut down and the tree in the back. It was really necessary. Don't worry, we will plant something else.

Thursday December 15 ... Caleb had his Christmas program at his day care and Sarah shared a photo and this VIDEO!


The plane with Helen and William arrived late. It was past midnight when we finally arrived back at our house. William is a travel trooper though. Helen took this photo.

William sure knows how to melt his grandma's heart. He went into the house, looked silently around with big eyes and told me that I had decorated wonderfully. From then on it was his "job" to turn on and off the Christmas trees whenever necessary. 


William knew that two packages were supposed to be delivered for him at our house from his Daddy. And yes, they had arrived. A kindle! And a protective cover! He was a happy boy!

Sarah and Wade came over for dinner in the evening. Helen and William met the twins for the first time. 

James had mentioned his wish to have a photo of the four boys and may be us. The mothers tried the arranging. Needless to say that the boys were wound up and it was not an easy feat. But the cousins were excited to meet and here are the best photos:

I don't mind changing diapers but I had to take this photo ... and the next when I wasn't fast enough to take one of them. Sarah just scooped them up.

After dinner ... very informal.

Bedtime. William is usually reading a story to Papa (not the other way round).


Church time. It was also the Sunday of the Pageant. William might have been a little sorry that he couldn't be in one this year, but overall I think he enjoyed the children and Sunday school.

Late afternoon we went to Sarah and Wade's. Sarah had to work Saturday and Sunday but she had taken off on Monday to have time with her sister and nephew. She invited Helen and William to spend the night. William especially was very excited.

Sarah suggested to do a "tacky lights tour". James and I volunteered to stay with the twins. The rest all fit into their minivan. Sarah shared this VIDEO with me (and I took these photos off that).

Afterwards Sarah served dinner and while we sat at the dining room table the twins sat in their "table-for-two" (official name).

When it was bed time, William and Caleb wanted to take a bath together. Helen had brought glow sticks. You bet they had fun. 

James and I went home. 

And since this blog is getting long, I better stop. I know. I am trigger happy with my camera. 

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  1. Caleb’s Christmas ‘concert’ is priceless! And the pictures of ALL your boys is wonderful!