Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Looking a lot like Christmas

I can hear the song in my head. And it helps when I shout: Alexa, play Christmas music. Alexa, louder (ha-ha)

Of course the dead summer flowers had to go, so I persuaded James to move the pot with the self-seeded cedar tree to the front and put some lights on.

That was nice but three days later we had quite a storm and it fell over. No harm done and we could upright it again. But ... it had taken the two of us to move it and a little huffing and puffing and it fell?

The items not needing to be climatized are stored in the attic over the garage ... entered into through a little hole from the utility room behind my craft storage behind my queendom (sewing room). You have to be a bit of a contortionist to squash through. 

The walls are slanted and you barely can stand upright. The roofing nails are coming through with their sharp tips. Soon we got clever and put packing material styrofoam over it so our backs don't suffer anymore. You learn fast.

James is always great and willing putting up the trees and lights. Teamwork. Adding the ornaments is mainly my job. The Christmon tree in the sunroom first. Then the straw ornament tree in the living room corner. And the main tree with all the "memory ornaments". Gosh, my mind wonders remembering when I do that. I LOVE IT! My lace tree didn't get done but about that later.

I was busy getting the Chrismons finished for our church. If you are interested in this ministry, click HERE. The workshop had to be planned. Notices had to be written. Some Adventsacks for the girls and their families had to be finished. James is president of our Townes HOA again. Lots of 5-minute jobs. 

Once in a while a little R&R like sewing. These stars were a little challenge. I had to try whether I could do them with fabric. Some friends had tried it and were not successful, well actually rather frustrated. I had done Fröbelsterne since childhood with paper. They were fun to make from fabric too.

Sarah is still on maternity leave and at least one of us likes to go and help. It is a joy to see the twins develop and when Caleb is around to see how much he loves his brothers.

Here is a VIDEO of the Owen (on the left) and Colin (on the right). Colin is actually a little bigger then Owen but I had to fight with the mobile over the crib and the angle is funny.

Things are challenging for Sarah but she is determined to decorate for Christmas. Some fresh air is good for the twins too but it gets cold in the afternoon quickly.

On top of everything the contractor finally is doing Sarah and Wade's remodeling. Remember the "hole in the wall" in a previous blog? The transformation in the house is amazing. It is not totally done and I have not taken pictures. But we all think it was the right step and a great improvement.

On Friday the 9th James and I accompanied Sarah with the twins to IKEA. I had high hopes to find certain things but disappointingly I was not successful. Sarah had more luck. Papa had the most fun. He was "parked" in a waiting area and got to feed one of the twins after the other. He was proud when people came by and uuhhed and aahhed over "his" babies. Because of the traffic it is not a trip we like to do very often. Sigh. Swedish meatballs for lunch of course.

Saturday afternoon we went and got Caleb to spend the night with us. Sarah has to go back to work on Tuesday and had arranged to do her manager inventory thing Sunday morning. Caleb was excited ... especially when I told him that we would make cookies. He always looks at my display of cookie cutters on the kitchen wall when he is visiting. It was a success!

He was also very interested in the little bird figure we have close to the front door. It has a motion detector and sings (when you turn it on). Ryan, the new stuffed camel toy from IKEA, had to make the bird sing too.

Sunday morning Caleb was excited that we were going to church. He always talks about our church and remembers previous visits, especially the cookies after the service in the Parish Hall. It was a strange day with the heating in the church not working and the service being cut a bit shorter.
It was Christmon Sunday. I usually hand them out after the service outside when the children are leaving but this Sunday WAY TO COLD outside. So we did it in the Parish Hall too. James took one picture. There was way too much going on.

At 2:30 we had the workshop. Whoever wants to learn to make that year's Chrismon can come and make a large one for the church tree. When we are finished we go into church and hang them up. This was our 9th year to do it at St. Martin's. Participants are welcome to take the directions/pattern home.

While I was at the workshop, James brought Caleb home. He came back with Wade's famous cheese straws, a tradition in his family. His father does it every year and now Wade too. Needless to say that the container was full. We gobbled it up in the evening ... and didn't need dinner, really.

When I sent the next photo to Sarah and Wade, Sarah texted back:
Oh my. Must have liked them. Does that mean you want a refill?

And that is all for now!

Happy Advent to you all (who read this)!


  1. LOVED the video! And it was wonderful seeing Caleb at church on Sunday. I was so sorry to miss the workshop! We had a great time with our far-flung family, though!

    1. Missed you too. We had a really good time. But family time is so important and wonderful. Next time!