Thursday, December 15, 2016

Party, party, party!

Advent time is a very special time. Getting ready for Christmas. Getting together with your family and friends. 

December 6  - - -  The first celebration was a lunch with my friend Julie and her friends. The table decoration in the restaurant was very nice. I might have to copy the idea.

December 7  - - -  As one of the programs at the Hospitality Quilters a member talked about her little business of painting "barn quilts".

December 8  - - -  Thursday Stitchers. We did do some work but we had a very special potluck this time. Where is the dessert picture?

In the evening we met our friends Rob and Barbara at the Ashland Coffee & Tea for an evening of Celtic Music. It was very very nice. Here a little sample VIDEO 1 and VIDEO 2:

Couldn't resist taking pictures of the mirror in the bathroom. Think it is a clever idea.

My quilt/lace Chrismon Adventcalendar: every day turning over another lacey Christian Symbol.

December 12  - - -  Monday. Colonial Lacemakers meeting in our house. We don't make lace at the December meeting but we usually make a craft. This year I had prepared to color clear glass ornaments with melted crayons on the inside. I don't have a picture of a finished one but I am sure I will make one with William soon and show you then. It was a bit messy but some did even two.

I told in the previous blog that I had not been able to decorate the lace tree. I thought my friends might enjoy doing it ... and they did.

We had a sit-down luncheon and even cracked some English Christmas crackers again, including reading the corny jokes. 

Group photo!

We exchanged lovely gifts. Lali had "sacrificed" some of her handmade lace to make this special picture frame and Donna was the recipient. We had fun again using/reading one of those "left/right" gift exchange stories.

December 13  - - -  Tuesday. CrossRidge Quilters meeting in our house. Just some nibbles. But at both meetings we had hot cider since it is soooo cold outside.

We had a lively conversation, show and tell, and just great friendship time.

And yes, some things have changed this week again. Sarah has gone back to work. Caleb is so proud that his brothers are now with him at the same day care. We are not going to see them so often any more.

Now it is time to get ready for Helen's and William's visit. We are so looking forward to it. We have to make a list with things to do. Sarah has taken an extra day off work. It will be fun.

Ha-ha, I will be slacking with blogging again. In the meantime, hope you all have a blessed time too.


  1. What lovely holiday celebrations you are having. No wonder you are finding yourself a little scattered, though - you are a busy lady!!!