Thursday, December 29, 2016

Happy Birthday

I had a very nice day thanks to my family and friends. Of course my first thought of the day is always that it would have been my father's birthday too. Word is that he got me and a block of chocolate.

Sarah had taken off work. We wanted to invite Sarah and family and Wade's parents out for lunch (because Kathy and Mike had to head home around noon back to Pulaski) but it was decided that it was much easier with the babes to have lunch at their house.

Caleb and Sarah made a birthday cookie and as you can see Caleb helped decorate. James was just a little too late to take the next three photos. But there was evidence on his chin.

Such a big helper.

Children really make it special. 

And just in time for my birthday my amaryllis decided to start opening too. My father had at least one amaryllis every year too.

Next day!

Last year I had asked James for a hike for my birthday. This year we postponed it one day. The weather was so nice.
We parked at Pump House parking lot and started on the Northbank Trail. I think James must know every step by now. Bubba's Bench is even too high for James' legs to reach the floor.

The view from the bench.

This time we went over the new foot bridge. Very interesting.

A panorama photo view from the other side.

Gosh that was nice! But it is clear ... I did more sitting and not walking lately. Sigh. And may be too much good food at the holidays.

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  1. The amaryllis is absolutely beautiful and perfect!

    The walk looked lovely. We really need to start walking again. And going somewhere beautiful would help!