Monday, April 3, 2017

An amble through the week

... that's what my friend Diana in England called one of her blogs. I like that wording. Yes, odds and ends.

I could have called the blog "Finally Spring" also. The hibiscus, which lived in the sunroom all winter, went outside since there was no more frost forecast. It seems to like it because we can enjoy flowers. It's heavy though and James came "with the works".

The other news: the front flower bed was finally planted. This is the before (after the messy crepe myrtle is gone).

We decided to have it done. The dirt (can't call it earth) is mainly clay "enhanced" with building stuff.  They hauled a good amount of bad stuff off and replaced it with hopefully better soil.


I have to make a quick run to the church. Working hard on the church newsletter The Cloak because it's close to month end. I realized I had no front page photo so made a quick run to the church to see whether something was in bloom. Here are some.

I am back and they are still working at it. 

Late afternoon. Yeah! Finally! Of course it looks a little puny until the plants are established. And the daffodils blooms are over. But it does look nice.

Still pleasures inside.

This weekend Wade is gone starting Friday. Sarah is not so keen on being all by herself with all 3 for the night so I go over to sleep. Luckily Friday by noon I was completely done with The Cloak (my church' newsletter of which I am editor). We had agreed between 4 and 5 which worked out. First thing we did was a neighborhood walk. We didn't get far because it started raining but it was fun nevertheless.
Caleb loves his new rain-boots. Sarah took videos with my iPhone. So much fun.
VIDEO 2    (partly slow-mo)

He was very wet though and needed a change of clothes. I was in the driveway trying to take a photo of Colin's new tooth.

While I was trying that without luck, I heard Sarah saying "what have we have said about not doing this in public?" When I turned around I saw Caleb facing me doing what a good little boy does not do in public. That photo better be deleted! Then he turned around to face his Mommy.

You can't help it but have to laugh.

And yes, then I was lucky with the tooth.

Saturday April 1 - no April fool
Caleb loves his brothers. After Colin was out of bed and dressed he wanted to hold him. Colin - still teething.

Changing of the guards. Papa came. They are getting ready to go to Home Depot. Caleb can be a carpenter. I will go home for a little while. Got things to do.

Once a month a child with parent (or grand p) can make an item. This time it was an Easter bunny basket. Since I had gone home Sarah and Papa shared their photos. Forgot to take a picture of the finished project.

Then they went for lunch and a playground.

I was back in the evening. Sarah had to do a quick shopping trip and Caleb went too. I gave the twins their bottles. The twins could not keep their eyes open ... so shortly before their night- bedtime. I had to text Sarah "what to do?" Not a problem. They had a catnap and then went to bed later anyway. That table for two must be very comfortable.

I could lean back for a moment and had this view:

Ah, I wished I could snooze/sleep like that.


  1. Splashing in puddles – one of the most satisfying things on earth. We grown ups forget that! (LOVE the slo-mo).

    I can’t believe how big the twins have gotten. They change so quickly!

    1. He loves his rain boots. The twins are not only big, they are also very heavy!