Saturday, April 29, 2017

Jane is visiting

Exciting times. Helen and William visiting, the baptism, Easter, the remodeling.

Monday April 17

Remodeling? Yes, finally we have made decisions on what we would like to change and how. That half-wall is such a nonsense and gives you a shut-in feeling. Besides, there is really not enough counter space to work on. How do you make cookies with your grandchildren?

As I had reported before, we had picked out the granite. That company took care of cutting down the wall. Walter (from Brazil) was very good. He even relocated two outlets for us.

I tried with a folding table how it might be when finished. We will like it.

Tuesday ... Jane (James' sister) arrived from England in the evening. James had to get her alone because we had other things happening like bringing papers to be shredded in the subdivision and Sarah bringing the boys for some reason.


It's lovely to have Jane visit. Unfortunately I was committed to a German Kaffeeklatsch at 2 pm at Anne's (which really was very very nice) and a meeting at church at 7 pm. And the granite people wanted to come to measure for the templates. You don't discourage that if you want your project done.

But Jane got to see the twins. As she had told everybody in England ... she was going to see her brother's grandchildren in America.


I had to leave the sibling to themselves because I was committed to give a talk about lace and lacemaking to a group of embroiderers and felters. Here are photos one of the ladies there shared with me.
The "beginner pillow". One lady was successful trying a few stitches.

There is a lot to talk about and share. Where to start and end? 

A beginner's pattern.

And since it is Easter ...

I also had bobbinlace eggs!

At the parking lot ... I couldn't resist. Love funny license plates.


Sarah's day off. James and Jane went to watch Caleb at his swimming lesson. I met them for lunch because I had to go church to help the new secretary with something.


Jane was not lucky with the weather for her visit. The only consolation ... it was even worse in England. We made the most of it though. We had several walks when possible. This day we met Sarah with her children at the Farmer's Market. Wade had to work in the morning. Oh, how Caleb likes that Farmer's Market when Mrs. Yoder's is there with her donuts. They are not cheap but sooooooo good. She is at the very end so we can look at all the other things.

The twins didn't say a peep. It will not be long before they are demanding their share. So funny.

No words needed here.

On the way back to the cars we had to study a few puddles.

Back at Sarah's elevenses for the twins.

... and then a walk. Caleb wanted to ride his bike, on which he is really very good.

Of course the weather caught up with us again. Owen wanted to be held and Caleb took the offer to ride like this.

Back again at Sarah's we had so much fun because Colin somehow had learned to clap. 
This VIDEO is precious.
The twins have to learn to share (VIDEO).


Church in the morning of course and then Jane took us out to lunch. We went to the Firebird in Short Pump. It was very nice.

I am not so sure about my fried spinach though. It was very glassy and did not have much taste this way. It's always interesting to try something new though. Liked my salmon.

Our garden does like the rain though. The rest of us ... ?

Bad news on Monday. Owen has a fever since Sunday night. Mommy has to work the afternoon till midnight. Of course we help out. 

For Monday evening we had invited Julie. She had hosted "the British" for Sarah's wedding when beds were in short supply at our place. We had also invited Kim and Mike since they are very fond of England. I had made shepherd's pie (of course with lamb or it would be cottage pie) and everybody enjoyed it.
For dessert Jane had suggested "rabbits in the grass" since it was still Easter. That was enjoyed too.


OMG, hard to believe that a week is already over and Jane will travel home today. Owen is still not better. Sarah had taken him to the doctor. Ear infection. The good side: Jane got to see him again.

First thing in the morning James had received an email that her flight out of Richmond had been cancelled but she had been booked on a different flight and she had an uneventful trip home.

Of course she didn't get to see all her brother's grandchildren. Normally she also includes time in Nashville. She was here for William's last two birthdays. Helen mourned that her helping Aunt was not here for that this year. But Helen is taking William to England in June so they get to see each other then.


  1. Oooooohhhh! Mrs. Yoder. Caleb has excellent taste. They are the best. Actually with William’s affection for Manchego cheese, BOTH of your elder grandsons have good taste. Wonder what the twins’ proclivities will be?

    We were so glad to share Jane’s visit with you! And that shepherd’s pie was fantastic!!!

    1. We love spending time with you two too. Time with Jane went so fast. I was sorry that she was so unlucky with the weather this time.
      Btw you are the best comment-writer. I always enjoy reading your thoughts. Thanks!