Saturday, April 8, 2017

Week 14

Yesterday (on Sunday = still week 13) we went to the opera Turandot. We were early and be chance we came to the before-lecture which had just started. Standing room only! It was great. From now on a must for us. It was so interesting and the speaker was funny too. Why didn't we do that before?


Out for a walk. Flowers everywhere right now. Can you see the little yellow dot in the middle?

Love this picture.

Addicted to sewing right now. This is the last of 8 Rows. If you want to know more about it, click on the quilt tab on the top or the Love of Thread blog on the right. This Row I had to design myself.


Sarah's day off. Caleb had swimming lessons in the morning. Right after they came over for lunch (taco salad!). Caleb wanted to know on the telephone what I was doing today and I mentioned several things and that I had to plant some plants. Boy did he want to help. He even wanted to spring is special shovel.
When Papa quickly went to buy the groceries for the lunch he also had instructions to buy 4 annuals for the empty pots in the front. The big plants (transplants from the front) would have been to complicated. The things you do for your grandchildren. It would have been nicer if it would not have been so cold. But he loved it.

Uh, heavy. All the way from the kitchen.

The front is doing great too.

For years we talk about that we need to do something about the kitchen. It is just not right. I know "hate" is a strong word but I could use that word for this half-wall.

We have an idea what we want to do about it. We mentioned to Sarah that we wanted to go to the Ashland granite place and she wanted to come too. It was a successful visit and something might finally be happening to improve that kitchen. There is a hold on these slabs (two pictures of the same thing but the colors don't show right) for us now.

I think things are going to be happening.


Sun was shining again today and a walk was a must. Remember the photo in the beginning of the week? No more lonely yellow flower. But these must be a hundred dandelion seeds now. It was very very windy today and it is not one of those lovely fuzzy balls. Had to take the photo anyway.

James and I were debating ... in Germany the weeks starts on Monday, in USA and Canada on Sunday. Googling again it seems that lots of countries lean one way and lots the other way. So, I think I just avoid mentioning it. Too confusing.

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  1. The dandelion in the middle of all those phlox blossoms is hilarious! What tenacity!

    Your garden looks lovely and I can’t wait to see the finished kitchen. I am extremely envious (I know, it’s a sin!)

    Funny that you should mention that about the week starting on Sunday in the US and Monday in Germany. Mike gets me a Cotswold calendar every year and the ones that actually come from England start the week on Mondays. It confuses me every time I look at it!